Global Mobile Users Spend 20% Of Their Internet Time On Mobile, Says Mobango Mobile Internet Study

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Mobile Internet and app usage around the world is currently rising. The specifics of usage differ greatly based on factors like mobile internet speeds, the kind of smartphones and feature phones  and the usage mentality. Mobango , the independent mobile app store conducted a study across 4 countries to understand the differences in usage across developed and emerging markets in addition to mapping trends as to how people use their mobile apps and Internet. The study reveals that globally, people spend 20% of their ‘ Internet time ’ on their mobiles. The study was carried out by surveying 800 respondents who were based in the UK, USA, Italy and India. The study has resulted into a neat infographic which covers broad areas like Consumption frequency, Gender wise consumptions patterns, device preferability, app download frequency and advertising. Check it out below to get a better idea. We got in touch with Badri Sanjeevi, CEO of Mauj Mobile, which owns Mobango to get some insights into this study. Q. Besides Western countries like UK and US, what do you make of the app consumption pattern in India? India is a key market globally for app engagement and app downloads.   For a large number of app developers globally, India is a top 5 market for them to build their user base for their apps.  For example for browsers as a segment, most of the global browsers like UC Browser, Opera, 1Browser etc, India is a top priority market for them given.  Similar is the case for messenger and entertainment apps.  Casual game downloads see record number of downloads from India relative to any other country.  This level of engagement is encouraging both India based and global developers to focus on this market.   Our survey and internal data also shows Indian users download more than 10 apps per month. Mobango being a free apps store itself sees over a million downloads on a daily basis of which almost 30-35% downloads are from India. The key challenge with the Indian users that we observe both through internal metrics and our survey is that Indian users experiment with a large number of apps.  While number of downloads is high per user per month, the eventual engagement is not as high as in other countries.  Indian users tend to churn out of the apps fairly quickly.   Q. Currently, Indians are using both the Mobile web and Apps – which one do you think will win out in the long run?  Mobile websites are here to stay – apps cannot replace 100% of mobile internet experience of users.  Whether using Google search or going to bookmarked / favourite sites on their mobile, mobile sites have long term value.  Further, with a number of publishers migrating from earlier generation xHTML to mobile HTML or even HTML 5 enabled sites, user experience on mobile sites is getting richer and closer to app experience in many cases depending on specific use cases.   Apps enhance the mobile site experience for the users and hence have been taken up by brands and other businesses to reach out to their user base.  Apps provide quick one-click access to a service that is frequently used by a user.   Given apps deliver a much faster, enhanced user experience, the promise of apps is loyalty and high level of repeat usage.  Mobango’s own experience with our Android App is proving this thesis to a large extent.   Brands and businesses need to be very deliberate in managing their audience sources through mobile sites or apps depending on the nature of interaction and the use cases.   There is no one winner here – rather using the right medium for reaching out to the user.   Q. Have you been noticing any increase in Indian developed apps on Mobango? Are they getting monetized well? Please share these insights with our readers. Mobango being a global apps store, we have apps from developers across the world. Of late we have seen an increase in the number of apps from Indian developers although the number is small.    The most successful apps from the Indian space are those which have been from online companies – say app or an app from job site or a travel site.  These apps extend the core service to the mobile very intuitively and hence are huge successes.  Another genre that has worked well has been entertainment apps – that enable discovery of entertainment content – be it music, videos and other format of content.   Casual games or games aggregators are also seeing great traction in India given users preference to download games.   However, outside of these more limited categories / genres of apps, other app categories are largely dominated by global apps developers.  The key success factors in building a globally successful app remain the quality of product and app development.  There are a number of companies in India that do outsourced app development for global companies and are doing a great job – but still they are the global brands.   We believe this will change fairly rapidly as investments in app development and monetization in India gains traction.   Share your thoughts about the infographic with us. 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