23% Of Internet Surfing Done On Outdated Web Browsers

by Paul Joseph on November 19, 2012 · 0 comments

Exactly a month ago, WAT blog observed an appeal made by the India to the European Union to declare it a Data Secure Country . On a parallel context, however aimed at users worldwide, Kaspersky Lab reveals that  23.5% of the internet users are using outdated versions of their web browsers. The data collected anonymously from its cloud based application Kaspersky Security Network, was analyzed by the security giant and consisted of millions of its customers. Before one questions the integrity of this survey, we must acknowledge that over the past few years Kaspersky has grown into becoming a common name in most Indian PC/Laptop users – due to its economical pricing. As Kaspersky labs observes, most users apparently take about a month to update their web browsers, after the update has been formally released into the web. It also states that while 2/3 rd of the 23% of the users use previous versions (most recent update prior to the latest) of the web browsers, the rest i.e. 8.5% of the users are habitual to usage of absolutely outdated browsers. This makes them easy bait to the cyber criminals who are now becoming more and more active and skilled. Admittedly, cyber criminals need just minutes to utilize such lapses. In another of our blogs , we have stated how a peer of Kaspersky, Symantec, has listed out its predictions for increased cyber threats for individuals for the next year. While the data and its analysis in question (made by Kaspersky) may cater to the individual users only – Kaspersky made a point to draw the attention of major business, firm and corporations to this very data. The point is that while individual users may be very free to update whenever they wish, the firewall and admin intervention in systems used by employees in corporations disallow/prevent them from updating, changing and installing the versions of software in their computers. This poses a serious threat to the companies at large, since it allows cyber criminals a circumvented passage and may also leak critical, classified data. Government and private sectors in India have already made the long overdue effort to counter cyber crime , but such petty issues are surely hard to handle at a macro level. One observation that might explain the reluctance of most users to update to newer versions of browsers, is the incompatibility of add-ons (like download managers, virtual keyboard tools, etc.) to the newer versions with immediate effect. How timely do you update your browsers? Do you also subscribe to the incompatibility issues stated above? Image Courtesy | shakecreative Looking For A Social Media Agency?? – Contact WATConsult – India’s Leading Social Media Agency

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