Reliance Entertainment Rebrands Gaming Under Zapak

by Paul Joseph on November 30, 2012 · 0 comments

The gaming culture in India has been spiking, with the habituation of smartphone usage and the rise in accessibility metrics via mobile internet. Long ago when Zapak was introduced under the command of Rajesh Shawney , the then president of Reliance Entertainment, the move was being foreseen as a transitional step towards revolutionizing the gaming environment in India. In spite of being a successful model in the West, it fizzled and stagnated in India – probably due to the high prices of access in those days (including the low connectivity, bandwidth and relatively high subscription fees). Of late, with a strategic inclusion of DisneyUTV as the official partner for reselling game subscription on the mobile platform, Electronics Arts breathed in the first dose of resuscitation in the industry. It seem that the executives at Reliance Entertainment Digital have taken a cue in this recent development as, merely 10 days from the development, Reliance Entertainment Digital ha announced formally that it shall merge all its gaming verticals ( Jump Games & Zapak Digital Entertainment ) under the folds of the ‘ZAPAK’ branding . Hence ZAPAK shall become analogous to all gaming initiatives of Reliance hereon. But a layman may question, was that always the case? Well, apparently, Reliance had divested its operations into 3 verticals in all: Zapak Solutions , which will remain focused on the development of corporate and customized gaming services like Advergaming and Gamification; Zapak Online and WAP, which deals in hosting and catering casual and fun gaming online and through mobile platforms; Jump Games, which deals in the pure development and deployment of games for mobile and web. This new development, however, might open a new avenue of interest globally as Zapak shall now cater to a larger audience with a gross kitty of 2,000 items. As per the reports, the idea is to capitalize on the ‘ Mobile First ‘ buzz that the industry is crooning to. No detailed info on the pricing and restructured plans for online gamers has been disclosed as of yet. Given the current status and latency in gamification , this might be the best time to infuse a more aggressive stance in the market. Another major development in the past for Zapak was when Reliance decided to move out its physical gaming portfolio which was popular as Zapak Gameplex. Over the years, there were no dividends in the business (allegedly), which can be accounted to the franchise based deployment of gaming parlors across the urban areas. Professional Gaming, since then, has evolved by huge bounds in the country, and it has more to do with the change in demographic balance of youth, than with the market pulse as predicted years ago. Will the new move to re-brand Zapak by flexing new muscle into its folds, add any new sheen to it? Image Courtesy |   siliconindia Looking For A Social Media Agency?? – Contact WATConsult – India’s Leading Social Media Agency

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