SVG Media Garners 28 Million Reach As Per Comscore

by Paul Joseph on November 30, 2012 · 0 comments

Tyroo Media which was recently rechristened as SVG Media has managed to maintain its leadership position for second consecutive month. The company has managed to make brand messages reach almost 28 million unique visitors. Placed just below Google’s advertising network & Tribal Fusion, SVG Media’s collective entities like Tyroo Direct , Tyroo Audience , PrecisionMatch and DGM India now reach more than 40% of active Indian internet population & are effectively the third largest Indian display ad-network. Though the results are obtained from ComScore , the score could have been higher but the industry benchmark for measuring display ad-ecosystem does not track text links, e-mailers and other similar inventories. Ironically these form a significant proportion of SVG Media’s portfolio apart from display. The Tyroo family is working on & sharing the similar patterns displayed by online population dynamics. For example, its audience comprises of 60% Males & 40% Females. This statics fits well with that of present internet gender distribution. Additionally, matching present trends , SVG’s more than 75% of collective audience falls between the active age-group of 15-34 years. Over the years, Tyroo’s group companies have shown exemplary resilience in expanding operations. In fact apart from growing internally, the company was routinely involved in inorganic expansions tactics to develop their operations & user base. As Asia Pacific’s internet users increasingly turn to the internet, such companies will continue to have a higher audience base. The trick will be to offer advertising that appeals to the preferences of the individuals. Hence perfection of ad-personalization techniques could be the real secret of the success. If companies like DGM Media can insert non-intrusive advertising that manage to capture the attention of netizens, they could continue soaring to such heights. What do you think? Image Courtesy |  degitalbox Looking For A Social Media Agency?? – Contact WATConsult – India’s Leading Social Media Agency

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