Kapil Sibal’s Website Compromised; Anonymous India Protests In Its Own Way

by Paul Joseph on December 3, 2012 · 0 comments

Hacker group Anonymous’ Indian arm has broken the security of Union Minister of Communications and Information Technology Kapil Sibal’s official website: www.kapilsibalmp.com . The ‘ About Me ’ page was altered & abusive language was used to convey the protests. Though the site has been restored now, the initial wordings were as below: “ He somehow formed the rules in such a way, that everyone can censor everyone there by hiding behind everyone to be able to censor what really hurt him and his party .” The Anonymous group has been very active lately & has been the perpetrator behind many incidents of defacing official government websites . Earlier this year they had even organized a rally in the protest of the rules suggested by the Government. Even a few private organizations bore the brunt of the group for infringing freedom of internet & blocking some file sharing sites for a small amount of copyrighted material.  These attacks have been manifested in different ways. While some sites faced complete shutdown using ‘ Distributed Denial of Service Attack ’ (DDOS) techniques, others had their landing pages altered to indicate these sites have been compromised. Interestingly, the attacks so far, have been orchestrated to merely protest against the policies of the government. No data theft of any kind has been reported. Hackers who break the security with malicious intent rarely leave the ‘ crime-site ’ with such proclamations of their acts, let alone acknowledge the same openly on the World Wide Web. It is one thing to take down sites of Small & Medium Business.  The Indian Government had recently undertaken a massive overhaul of all its sites to the newer, safer & more robust IPv6 standards. The impact of this bold move will surely reach the deepest corners of the Indian Government’s system. The question is; Will the Government attempt a clampdown or will it listen to its citizens? Looking For A Social Media Agency?? – Contact WATConsult – India’s Leading Social Media Agency

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