31% Increase In Online Air Ticket Sales, Says IAMAI Internet Economy Watch Report For October

by Paul Joseph on December 4, 2012 · 0 comments

The Internet Economy Watch Report on the performance of Indian digital commerce online has been released for the month of October, by IAMAI. The report is a straight forward month to month figure comparison between two consecutive years. Let’s see how these figures shall reflect on the future trends, and what can be extrapolated about the current trends. The Internet Economy Watch report analysis for the month of September had turned out to be a good sign for the Indian e-commerce ecosystem. Online Travel Portals The figures show that the outlook for the month of October 2012, looked extremely promising in comparison to the month of October 2011, as it emerges that there has been a 31% growth in the sales of air tickets online . Earlier, we had witnessed the same outlook for the past month was rather meek at 6% for Sept 2011 vs 2012. However, there is only a 2% growth in the sales if we compare Sept vs Oct for the year 2012. One must also note that it was for this year that India saw a mammoth spike in the prices of air tickets. On the other note, there was 15% rise (4.72 mil vs. 4.10 mil) year-to-year basis, in the online bookings at irctc.com, the unabashed leader in railway ticket sales online . We did see a massive decline in this figure in comparison to sales in Sept 2012 (5.77 mil), but then seasonal bookings can be the only way to answer that. The overall idea of the report is to compare how every month trends in the passing years for the Indian e-commerce. Online travel sales seem secure, and the arena which is already packed – does seem like a secure place to be in for existing Indian sites. E-Commerce & E-Tailing Over the months we have witnessed that with every subsequent report of IAMAI, e-tailing has been a growth section. The trend has continued, and we see that year-to-year sales for the month of October (2011 vs 2012) has seen a 26% rise in books and 19% in branded apparel e-tailing section. Footwear sales have risen by 12% approx over last year for the month of October, but mobile sales seem to be stagnating – barely 2% rise over last year. Relative Mobile sales for the month of Sept (2011 vs 2012) were very good at 17%, and this letdown is hard to explain. Yet, we figure the expectant wait for the a couple of Windows 8 phones may have brought this differential. The y-o-y comparison of sales for both Sept and Oct have shown grim figures for jewellery sales online, and this may mean doom in the coming days for jewellery mongers on e-tailing sites.  In the other context, call it urbanization complimented by tech savvy thinking – the sales for spa and restaurant passes online have spiked by 10% which is a good indicator. This makes it ever crucial for local spa and restaurants to indulge in partnering with online deals based websites like Crazeal, Groupon etc. Vertical Classifieds A 30% and 21% soar in the participation on job portals and matrimonial sites respectively, has seemingly rendered  them to qualify them as the top performers in this list. Resume offerings were only 6% higher than last year or the month of Sept, but this 30% rise for Oct (2011 vs. 2012) shows that the general plans to hike up the marketing around these sites has paid off. One may also argue that the hike is a late response to the impending imbalance of job security following the Euro-zone crisis as cited in the last month analysis of IAMAI Internet Economy Watch Report for September . Matrimonial sites have shown standard growth over the time, and much of this should be seen as the good strategic alignment of each such service online – to render multiple vantages of availing the matrimonial prospects, which includes local offices for walk-in and explore type franchising. The overall outlook shows that vertical classifieds, online travel sales have been good performers for the month of Oct (2011 vs 2012), and above all we are witnessing some stagnation in e-tailing now. The next report would be for the month of November, the month of Diwali, and we await the figures as that would surely overturn the figures for e-commerce and e-tailing. Looking For A Social Media Agency?? – Contact WATConsult – India’s Leading Social Media Agency

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