Bangladesh Gets A Taste Of Smoother Browsing As ‘One Browser’ Makes An Official Entry

by Paul Joseph on December 4, 2012 · 0 comments

One Browser , which was hereto known as iBrowser has decide to expand operations by tying-up with internet service providers & hardware manufacturers to gain entry into Bangladesh. Just how do the developers plan to gain market share amidst heavy competition ? One Browser makers have entered into partnership with MoMagic , an India based internet service provider, for its launch in the Bangladesh market. MoMagic on the other hand has a strategic tie-up with Symphony , a leading Mobile handset brand based in Bangladesh. This mutual agreement will enable One Browser to be featured as a ‘ Default Browser ’ that will come pre-embedded within the core Android System. Does the browser have what it takes? The browser will be ‘ localized ’ & feature regional content for easier content discovery and popular content access. This is expected to enhance the usability & appeal of local businesses too. How does it benefit the regional population? Developing countries like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, still lack significant penetration of desktop or laptop computers. But the mobile phones are making steady inroads in large numbers. In fact, mobile internet is set to outpace desktop computing soon. Under such healthy circumstances it is vital for any software company to be the first one to offer innovative products that people will continue using. A while back, realizing this very fact Facebook had deployed tactics which would ensure its next billion users. Mobile internet, especially in the developing countries is very expensive. With Per Kilobyte (KB) pricing structure, users are forced to find ways of reducing their bandwidth consumption. Opera Mobile includes certain features like pre-caching web-pages to reduce the amount being downloaded by the phone every time the website is accessed. By offering VAS content, the developers have ensured a good revenue stream . But, will the Android smartphone users, actually use this browser, especially when there are so many , worthy competitors available? Looking For A Social Media Agency?? – Contact WATConsult – India’s Leading Social Media Agency

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