Nielsen’s Latest Report Confirms The ‘Coming Of Age’ Of Social Media

by Paul Joseph on December 6, 2012 · 0 comments

Nielsen and NM Incite’s latest report tends to confirm that Social Media networking & sites involved are clearly showing signs of maturity. As the world shifts majority of interaction online, these sites have grown from mere startups into a full-fledged companies managing communication & other human interaction tools with professionalism & trust. Over the course of the year, we at WATBlog have been reminded of the growing phenomenon that is Social Media. Additionally, time & again we have experienced its power & follies . From strategic tie-ups / takeovers to public reactions & outcries , Social Media sites continue to grab majority of attention & interest. The report sheds light on the critical milestones like growth figures & catalysts. Mobiles, the report confirms, are the major responsible force that is driving up the usage of these sites. Thanks to smartphones, the subscriber base spends about 30% of its time interacting & socializing on these sites as opposed to 20% from PC. Additionally, brands couldn’t have been happier since consumers, users & public in general, have a shown to have a much higher communication frequency on social media than ever before. This in turn, is ensuring their advertising campaigns are reaching a much wider audience base simply via sharing, liking & talking about it on such mass public platforms Facebook is still the king, but others are moving up too. With a stockpile of 1 Billion subscribers , Facebook continues to hold the pole position, but image-based Social Media site Pinterest appears to be breaking all speed-barriers in terms of growth, subscriber addition, user-engagement & adoption of mobile app. Had subscriber count not being a criteria for success, sites like Twitter , LinkedIn had appeared equally , if not more, successful than Facebook. Nielsen’s report even offers some interesting insights in the world of e-commerce in the Social Media . In fact, brands are more than willing to jump the gun when it comes to experimenting with campaigns that revolve around social media sites. Has Social Media site engulfed you too? Please share your experience. Image Courtesy |   pcworld Looking For A Social Media Agency?? – Contact WATConsult – India’s Leading Social Media Agency

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