Yahoo Buys OnTheAir; Aims To Challenge Google Hangouts?

by Paul Joseph on December 6, 2012 · 0 comments

Online Search & mainstream media company Yahoo Inc  has  confirmed  the acquisition of OnTheAir . The company is a small startup which specializes in broadcasting video chats or interviews to online audiences. Though the quantum of monetary exchange has been kept under wraps, the entire staff of 5 will be soon joining the internet company’s mobile technology team. When Yahoo’s  recently appointed CEO Marrisa Mayer took charge, it was clear that she would realign the entire company & the website to become more mobile & smartphone friendly. She stated that company would focus on the ‘ daily habits ’ of internet users which revolved around email, the home page, Internet search and mobile devices. One of the most prolific usages of internet, be it on desktops or smartphones, has been communication. In fact internet driven communication tools are eclipsing the primary functions of phones. Supporting the Mayer’s proclaimed ‘ Mobile Wave ’, OnTheAir offers video chats with a ‘ public ’ twist. Similar to broadcasting interviews on television, the company’s platform allows such audio-visual conversations to be beamed live to audiences on the web. Additionally just like professional interview methods, the hosts can even bring in additional participants ‘onstage’ & the  chats are then split-screen enabled to have a complete live debate replication on the World Wide Web. Google already has a similar platform called Google Hangouts which was recently leveraged by Gujarat’s CM Narendra Modi. Google’s offering sits right across what Yahoo may be trying to develop in order to garner attention & user engagement. Yahoo has had some tough time matching wits with internet rivals in recent times. However, with a tough & imaginative CEO coupled with some externally sourced talent , the company can still make money by expertly employing its treasure of content. What do you think? Image Courtesy |  ciol Looking For A Social Media Agency?? – Contact WATConsult – India’s Leading Social Media Agency

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