Digital Advertising & Video Monetisation Company Vdopia Scores $ 3.4Million In Series B Funding

by Paul Joseph on December 18, 2012 · 0 comments

Vdopia  has confirmed scoring almost US$ 3.4 Million (exact figure: US$ 3,391,862) in a Series B round of funding. Revealed by its latest filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission ( SEC ), it is additionally clear the company has set itself a target of US$ 7.4 Million. What makes the company a worthy investment? It’s  earlier   round  of funding witnessed  about  US$  4  Million  been  pooled.  Though  these  amounts  are  not  in  double digits,  the  company  has  confidently  claimed  way  back  in  2010,  that  it  had  turned  profitable  with  revenues  jumping  200%  on  quarter-to-quarter  basis.  In  an  era,  where  many  companies  don’t  even  break-even  for  several  years,  it  seems like a worthy effort.   Considering  the  facts,  content  generating  companies  seem  to  approach  the  company  with  predictable  regularity  to optimally   monetize their  creative  efforts  &  inventories.  Furthermore,  the  company  routinely  seems  to  reshuffle  internal  talent  &  even  hire  someone  fresh  to  ensure  the  right  talent  is  at  the helm as  evident  by  multiple hires &  reshuffles  over  the  course  of  its  existence.  We  are  not  sure  how  successful  these  personnel  movements  are,  but  apparently they seem to work for Vdopia.   Video  monetization  is  being  readily  deployed  even  by  industry  veterans  like  YouTube.  Hence  it’s  no  wonder  that  the technique  works .  However,  it  is  important  to  consider  the  viewpoint  of  the  end-user,  i.e.  us;  Whether  we  prefer  ads success of such companies, our choices seem to have made for us. What do you think? Looking For A Social Media Agency?? – Contact WATConsult – India’s Leading Social Media Agency

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