High Time For Indian Brands To Make The Best Of Google’s Algorithm Updates

by Paul Joseph on January 7, 2013 · 0 comments

Marketing strategies keep changing; and it should. As Internet became equally influential as print media and television, people changed their marketing strategies and started promoting products, services, brands online. Though Internet penetration in India started quite a few years ago; Indian brands were not that active online until recently. In spite of having all the qualities to lead the organic results, many Indian brands are still lacking online visibility. They can actually enjoy good returns from Google’s recent algorithm updates if they make an effort to use it to their advantage. Google keeps on changing its algorithm to offer better search experience. The latest Google updates, Penguin and Panda updates, created a lot of buzz in the market, especially among the SEO people. As the easy techniques stopped working any further most of them stood up against the updates, except a few . A lot of people blamed Google for making it difficult to rank organically; when the truth was, Google took a step to improve the search experience. The new algorithm actually favors authoritative, informative and popular websites. Perfect for large companies and popular brands; with huge clientele, strong local presence and significant amount of knowledge, big brands can easily win the rank game. Information, Social and Local are the areas to focus now. If you provide informative content, if people talk about you, if your readers share your content – you are the winner; you can enjoy greater chances to rank high in the search engines. A small or new company may struggle to achieve this but larger companies can leverage their existing reputation and work on these areas and improve online visibility. But why these three things are important? Simple; they bring you to the level where Google wants you to be. Google wants to offer better search experience to their users; if you are doing something that is in line with Google’s objective, you are covered. Information: Internet is primarily a source of information. Hence, websites offering informative content will get preference. With years of experience and knowledgeable industry leaders on board, large companies can easily offer exclusive information. Now the question is how to evaluate the quality of content? How search engines can understand if the information is authentic? Authorship can help; social is a major player too. Social Signal: If you offer accurate and helpful information, people will share it. Social signal plays an important role here. Website owners need to reach out to as many people as possible through social media. Creative social media campaigns can really be a game changer. The distance between SEO and Social Media activities is getting shorter by day. Social media is not only used for branding or affiliate marketing any more; it has started taking a major role in direct match marketing,  which means, reaching out to the audience who are looking for what you offer. Local Presence: Search engines show highly localized results now. It not only depends on the user’s IP or search terms; many other factors are there. Websites with a strong local presence and mentions within local groups, directories etc. have higher chances to show up. As the web converges into mobile devices, this part will become more important. Now is the time to see how Indian brands make the best out of it. Non-tech brands were not the early adopters of Internet marketing strategies in the country but many large companies from different sectors have started pushing their brands through Internet of late. Along with Social Media, recent Google updates can help them get long term and more stable returns . Right time for the Indian brands to think over the marketing mix they are following. Image Courtesy |   varnmedia Looking For A Social Media Agency?? – Contact WATConsult – India’s Leading Social Media Agency

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