Malware On Windows Jumps 90%: Quick Heal Report

by Paul Joseph on January 7, 2013 · 0 comments

Windows Operating System (OS) still runs on more than 95% of India’s desktops. This widely used OS has always been the active playground of malicious hackers. However, over the course of the last few years, the intensity & sophistication of these attacks have grown exponentially. If the latest report from Security products manufacturer Quick Heal’s is any  indicator , it will only escalate further . Quick Heal has observed the attacks on Windows OS have almost doubled up (90%). However, what is more nerve-wracking is the fact that these hackers are getting the better of unsuspecting individuals & companies. Mobiles are not safe either. As evident from multiple reports we have covered earlier, the mobiles & hardware working on other operating systems are not safe from this onslaught too. So what do the criminals rely on ? System vulnerabilities , loopholes & other backdoors are continually being discovered & employed for unlawful purposes. However, the report also highlights the sheer lack of self-imposed security consciousness as one of the primary causes even otherwise secure devices become easy target. In the past we have seen the disdain people exhibit to setting passwords. Even if they do, the passwords are very easy to guess. Over the years, virus attacks through the mobile devices have grown steadily by 30% each year. Modified attacks are even more dangerous: Instances of tweaking & re-deployment of the same exploit have become an increasingly painful re-occurring phenomenon. In case of Windows related attacks, such modified exploits jumped over 170%, while on the mobile front such variations of the original virus have grown by more than 80% What do the criminals gain? While data-theft was expected to be the primary intention, Quick Heal’s report points out that ‘ Piracy ’, takes precedence. Stripping the copyrighted material of its protection & offering the same for distribution & download ranks the highest, for these skilled yet criminal minds, explains Sanjay Katkar, technical director and CTO, Quick Heal Technologies, “ Cyber criminals have leveraged zero-day exploits even more effectively with new software patterns and business models ” Image Courtesy |  cultofmac Looking For A Social Media Agency?? – Contact WATConsult – India’s Leading Social Media Agency

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