Apple’s App Store Blazes Past 40 Billion Downloads; 2 Billion In December Alone

by Paul Joseph on January 8, 2013 · 0 comments

Apple Inc’s App Store has surpassed 40 billion downloads. The company made the official announcement yesterday. The pace of growth can be judged from the fact that over 2 billion of those downloads happened within the last month itself. Quite recently Google had announced crossing 25 Billion downloads. But interestingly, the search giant had confirmed that the figure stood for content purchased through the store. Why the popularity? Independent research by ABI Research seems to suggest Apple’s App Store is more easy & intuitive than popular rivals. In other words, users have found Apple’s App Store to be a lot simpler to navigate & discover apps than Google’s Android or Windows Phone Store. Coincidentally, the company put Google’s offering second followed by Windows Phone Store at third place. However, the chronology plays a significant role here. Apple’s App Store existed much earlier (since July 2008) than any other App Store. Additionally, iOS as a smartphone OS, was in active play well before Android became part of the mainstream. Hence, though the 40 Billion may sound a huge figure, Android is enjoying a much better traction. This is true especially because Apple alone manufactures iOS based iPhones, iPods & other devices, but Google’s Android is found on multiple devices made even by third party generic brands. In all fairness though, Apple has quite successfully monetized the App Download & Store platform. Thanks to an early mover advantage, Apple’s offering were lapped up by users who had capable hardware, but wanted ways to use them more effectively.  So far, through the revenue share program, Apple has paid out more than 7 billion Dollars to app developers! Despite the popularity of Android, other players like BlackBerry maker RIM , Nokia with its Windows Phone platform are currently working hard to garner support of developers & offer an app ecosystem that its users will appreciate. However, looking at these numbers, we feel they have the work cut out for them . What do you feel? Image Courtesy |  techcrunch  Looking For A Social Media Agency?? – Contact WATConsult – India’s Leading Social Media Agency

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