Mobile Ads Now Account For 20% Of Total Facebook Ad Spend: Report

by Paul Joseph on January 8, 2013 · 0 comments

You will remember that just before Facebook IPO’d, the most pressing problem it was facing was the monetization problem on mobile. More than half of Facebook’s users were accessing it from mobile and Facebook didn’t have a solid mobile ad strategy in place to leverage this. If you have looked at your Facebook mobile app (iOS, Android) you will see that quite a few sponsored posts are popping up in addition to app install posts. This is what I get when I fire up Facebook for Android. So, I was curious to know how these new efforts were going for Facebook but had no access to any data. Now  Kenshoo Social, a social marketing platform has released an analysis based on 2 million Facebook ad clicks and conversions. According to the data they have released, it seems that mobile ad spends now represent 20%  of the overall Facebook ad spend. That is admirable since this is a good performance by their ad exchange, much better than the indecisiveness that the company was facing before its IPO. Kenshoo also mentions that mobile ads on Facebook carry a premium over regular Facebook ads. This makes sense since more people these days use Facebook on the move rather on the desktop. The mobile advertising spend is skewed towards iOS (97% share) when it comes to tablets and towards Android (71% share) when it comes to smartphones. This signifies that Android has major potential for Facebook in terms of reaping revenue and it will leverage this to come up with more ad ‘ innovations ’ in the future. The tablet being skewed towards iOS/iPad is understandable as it is most popular tablet globally and Android tablets comes nowhere close. This goes to show that many global brands have put their faith on Facebook’s mobile offering because it seems the ‘ feed interruption ’ on the mobile app is getting them better reach in a connected yet mobile world.  All these findings are neatly summarized by  Kenshoo in an infographic. Infographic | Facebook Mobile Advertising Report Via | Techcrunch Story Source | Kenshoo Social Looking For A Social Media Agency?? – Contact WATConsult – India’s Leading Social Media Agency

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