Announcing Milind Phatak Of One97 As A Panelist At WATSummit 2013

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Milind Pathak heads the Global Business of One97 Communications. In his role, he provide strategic direction and operational focus to expand the business into new markets worldwide. Having worked with companies like Comviva Technologies, Buongiorno and Mitsui, he is a veteran in managing sales, business development, marketing , operations and P&L responsibility. These are the 5 trends to watch out in Mobile space in 2013 according to Milind . 1.) The rising power of ‘collective individualism’.   The digital space will see an emergence of a new form of participatory communities, which Bonnie Shaw called as “collective individualism”. As I observed recently in Delhi on Twitter the activism in case of “Nirbhaya”, we saw highly active individuals who first influenced their social networks and then their retweeted tweets went on to scale it to a larger voice on the social platform. People will find new ways to participate and activate in both – the digital and then physical world. This collective individualism is powered by mobile, enabled by social and driven by an “ego”. The digital media will help create actions, which are greater than the individual actions; it will be kind of a multiplier effect. By saying this, India will become the world’s second largest active social networked country.  2.) Consumer retention. Integrating ethics & values into business strategies   Consumer will demand much more ethical treatment. We reach to a trust based economy ruled by our customers.   Let’s take example of a bank: Have you ever heard of any bank slowly depleting your bank balance for charging money for some or the other service? The challenges faced by mobile consumers on the activation of any services without consent or without knowledge of consumers will recede. How much spam do your receive if you put your email or mobile number on any website? I myself have registered on some of the deals sites and get close to four mails on a daily basis. Here in 2013 social activism, regulatory interventions and self-regulation will evolve. The question is how businesses retain their most valuable customers by treating them with respect. This would mean a cleanup of their current systems and a far stronger enforcement of ethical business conduct by the executives of the companies.  3.) Can we make it this large. Internet users continue to soar.   India will have 200 million internet users by 2013. This includes mobile-internet as well as internet user. With this penetration comes a high demand for mobile-internet content as well.   The internet is an all-pervasive low cost information dissemination platform. We are now experiencing a digital native generation who is extremely comfortable and savvy to play around the internet. Technologies, devices, OS, platforms, and the apps ecosystem have made the on boarding of consumer to this new experience very easy and intuitive. Everywhere I can see kids from 2 to 13 years accessing mobile, tablets laptops and other smart device forms with phenomenal ease. This bodes well for an internet inclusion.  And what types of content these guys will consume? Starting from Wikipedia, information, education, socials sites, to games & videos, thus slowly content inclusion is increasing too. So I can see more and more consumers increasing the time spend on devices and internet thus clearly impacting the per capita content consumptions of all types and genre.  4)  Multiple SIMs. Multiple devices.   Consumers will own multiple SIMs in multiple devices and a massive data growth will emerge. Telephony will become data phony – with over 550 million active subscribers. The average age of handset in consumers hands will be around 18 months. So we are talking of over mobile 125 million plus smart phones that are purchased every year. Add to it the tablets and laptops and suddenly you wake up to the reality of a data driven economy that is poised to take off.  The push on 3G / LTE / 4G in 2013 will be a “data phony” takeoff year in India. Here as a trend the mobile-internet consumption on smartphones will be far bigger than the one on feature phones.  5) Time to play. Explosive OTT growth.   I believe that On Deck portal products will die and Off Deck / OTT will mushroom rapidly. Everyone seems be going in this direction and this augurs well for the industry – new products, new experiments, some serious money in promotion, customer acquisition and retention would be spend. More favorable commercials for the OTT / Off-deck players will emerge, so that this would lead to growth dramatically.   The trends show that the future is now. And still while all is good there are some questions coming to my mind. Vernacular language for internet and on mobile in India is still an unsolved puzzle. We have still around 75% population which is still comfortable in transacting in vernacular. I would foretell that the technology / apps developers / OS guys would find solution towards this direction in 2013. Another point is elusive Mobile advertising – will it take off? I suspect not in next year, we have still to do a lot more on evangelizing on this medium for its real growth. Even today, the advertisers, publishers and brands are still uncertain to start this opportunity in a big way. While all the chatter and talks are going in the right direction, the real money is missing for the final take off! I suspect it will take another two to three years before this really starts. Milind will be speaking at Panel #4 – Mobile Marketing – Promises of reach V/S Actual Impact Registration Link:   WATSummit2013  |   Venue:  The Orchid Hotel, Mumbai |  Date:  15th February, 2013 For more information, please get in touch with Mohar Sawant Email: Mobile: 9870237015 Tejashree Nigde Email: Mobile: 9867896315 claralazrus Looking For A Social Media Agency?? – Contact WATConsult – India’s Leading Social Media Agency

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