Airtel Addresses BYOD Issue With Secure Mobile Ecosystem

by Paul Joseph on January 22, 2013 · 0 comments

Companies today are facing a unique & growing threat to their data integrity. As more & more employees are using their own personal devices for work related activities, the company’s data is getting increasingly exposed to multiple vulnerabilities . In fact, we have covered this exact issue about how companies are increasingly fretting about ‘ Bring You Own Devic e’ (BYOD) phenomenon. Airtel has come up with a comprehensive solution to ensure that the employees continue enjoying their personal devices even at work & companies can breath easy. Christened ‘ Dynamic Mobile Exchange Solution ’, the platform is hailed as the firewall that will safeguard company’s data. How does it work? There are basically two aspects which the mobile phones handle; Personal & Corporate Data . Airtel’s DME allows employees to segregate official and personal data on the same device by containerizing the information. Additionally, users may not have to routinely mark content such as emails, data applications, documents, etc. as either Personal or Corporate. DME will allow IT administrators to remotely manage and control the device based on individual company policies. In the reverse order, if an employee wishes to access company’s data, he or she will have to go via the security stages setup as per requirements & data sensitivity. If that’s not all, DME even allows companies to have their own curated app store & decide what can be installed . To increase adoption of such a 360 o solution, Airtel is coming up with ‘ Bundled Handsets ’ offers that will entitle mobile phones which come pre-installed with mobile application and DME solution. However,  since the aim is to allow employees to use their own devices, this option kind of defeats the primary purpose of introducing DME. From field-force to in-house executives, employees prefer to use personal smart phones and tablets for official work. Imposing a blanket-ban will only aggravate the workforce. The only solution is to come up with a such a compromise & allow them the use of their own latest gadgets. But, even Airtel’s solution may not completely acceptable to them since it places a lot of restrictions in the name of corporate security. Will such employees seek some workaround? If they do, the company’s data will continue to remain at risk. What do you think? Image Courtesy |   91mobiles Looking For A Social Media Agency?? – Contact WATConsult – India’s Leading Social Media Agency

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