MapMyIndia Launches Mappls Safeworld To Streamline Emergency Response In The Country

by Paul Joseph on January 22, 2013 · 0 comments

MapMyIndia , India’s homegrown mapping solution provider has announced the launch of Mappls (supposed to be pronounced as Mapples), a product which caters to governmental and enterprise sectors. The company says that Mappls is an integrated GIS and GPS solutions product which can be deployed by Government agencies and private players to help manage their operations across large distances in the country. The first service being offer ed by Mappls is Emergency response. It is called Mappls SafeWorld Computer Aided Dispatch. Emergency response is kind of a big deal in many situations., right down from law and order situations to logistical situations in private enterprises. To monitor all operations and have contingency actions would do well to improve overall productivity for private enterprises and result in a better and a safer environment as far as governmental law and order agencies are concerned. The Safeworld CAD works by integrating 4 different aspects which include MapMyIndia’s map data in 3D, computer aided dispatch software which handle the additional dynamic layers like call taking, monitoring tools,  dispatch  etc. in cases of emergency, GPS tracking and navigation and hardware integration as far as existing infrastructure is concerned. The company says that this is an end-to-end solution which can be deployed easily. They have given some use cases for law enforcement agencies. See them below. Accurately identify on a digital map the address given by the distress caller Automatically identify the nearest (jurisdiction) police station and nearest available and appropriate vehicle (PCR van / 2-wheeler) from where the incident has been reported Automatic communication of the GPS coordinates of the incident to the responding vehicle GPS navigation of the vehicle to the incident site, using house and building level navigation Real time control room monitoring of incident to successful closure Monitor and transparently share statistics with the government and citizens about whether police vehicles and personnel are patrolling assigned routes/locations at assigned times, and also the turn-around-times to ensure rapid and effective response to crime and emergencies Rakesh Verma, Managing Director of MapmyIndia spoke about the product and the company. “We started MapmyIndia in 1995 with a mission to digitally map all of India, and bring the immense benefits of digital maps to governments, corporates and individuals across India. The current social, political and business environment in India, poses both challenges as well as opportunities to Indian governments and corporates – that of ensuring the safety and security of our people, and of delivering inclusive growth and making our economy vibrant again. We strongly believe that the Mappls suite of integrated GIS & GPS solutions, powered by MapmyIndia maps and technology, will empower authorities to improve safety of citizens and respond to criminal and terrorist activities, enable governments and corporates to plan and executive measures for inclusive growth, and help citizens transparently monitor and hold authorities accountable to delivery safety and progress to India.  We look forward to working closely with government agencies and corporates in deploying these solutions for a better tomorrow.” MapMyIndia was the default place to look for Indian maps before Google maps came along. Now, the company is solely focusing on providing critical services by leveraging its existing database. Their enterprise offering offers great scope for the company to grow further. They claim to currently have a general user base of 10,00,000 individual users and 1000 enterprises both from the public and private sectors for their mapping products. Website | Mappls Looking For A Social Media Agency?? – Contact WATConsult – India’s Leading Social Media Agency

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