A Look At The Exclusive Food Deals Startup, Khaugali Deals

by Paul Joseph on January 24, 2013 · 0 comments

We are looking today at a daily deals startup called Khaugalideals. The startup claims that it is the first startup in India to exclusively offer food deals at the lowest prices. The service currently operates in 6 Indian cities i.e Delhi/NCR, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Jaipur and Pune. According to the startup, it has the cheapest food deals available in India, in some cases around 90%! Although I did see 60-70% off on some offerings, I didn’t come across anything which justified the startups claims. KhaugaliDeals began operations in July 2012 and has yet to make itself known in the consumer space. I checked out the website. Even though the website claims to be present in 6 cities, the individual deals in the cities are far too less as of now. There were only 5 deals deals in the Navi Mumbai area (out of which 2 were wrongly attributed to Navi Mumbai when they should have been allocated to Central Mumbai). The service however seems to be more comprehensive in Delhi. Besides Delhi, there are really no compelling reasons to use the service. They need to get their expansion plan figured out. Kartik Saboo, founder of the service says that there is a well thought out expansion plan in the pipeline. He is targeting 50+ cities in the next six months. However, just adding cities won’t do if there is no variety in the offering. This expansion plan also involves taking the service to Dubai. Let’s hope they take off well. I got in touch with Kartik Saboo and asked him a few questions. Check out his answers below: 1. How did you come across this idea of an exclusive food based daily deals site? I am a big foodie myself and enjoy going out to eat every single day. The idea of this website came into my mind in 2010 wherein I decided to start a dedicated food website for all food lovers.  Also, after researching, I realized that there is not a single dedicated portal catering to the food domain and this made us start our website. Earlier in 2011, we started with   www.khaugali.in as a testing website but in the year 2012, we hit the market in a big way under the name of www.khaugalideals.com 2. What value proposition are you providing your customers/audience? We help our customers enjoy the eating experience at a very discounted price. For this purpose, we offer best discount deals at very low prices. Our deal is starting from Rs. 1 and we are providing up to 87 percent discount on all food related categories. 3. What has been the traction like since you launched? We launched on 21st July, 2012 and in these last 5 months we have managed to get 5 Lakh+ users on our website. Also, we enjoy a great online presence and feel proud that we are the only platform that gives more than 500+ deals on food in 6 major cities of India. Some of the popular names that we have been associated with include Domino’s, US Pizza, Moti Mahal etc. 4. How is Khaugalideals being funded currently? KhauGaliDeals.com is currently self funded by me ( 21 year old, under graduate student, pursuing graduation from AAFT) from my savings. 5. Are you planning to seek Venture capital? Yes, we are looking forward to our first round of funding as we need to grow 6. What are your plans for the future? KhauGaliDeals.com is all set to get into the India + International market in 2013. Adding 50+ cities of India on the panel, we have planned to set up our international presence with Dubai Deals. 7. Many have said that daily deals is an unsustainable business model. What is your take on this? Daily deals especially Food Deals is sustainable business as food is a daily need, and every individual wants to save his money by making a smart move. Food sector is that sphere of business which would never get affected from recession Food being a daily consumption need would never get affected by poor market conditions.  Website | Khaugali Deals Looking For A Social Media Agency?? – Contact WATConsult – India’s Leading Social Media Agency

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