YouTube May Charge For Some Of Its Services By The End Of The Year

by Paul Joseph on January 30, 2013 · 0 comments

Youtube has seen quite a bit of cosmetic and UI changes over the last year. The website was revamped numerous times, there were some issues regarding video streaming time and issues with video upload but despite all it has gone through, YouTube still remains the number one video sharing website on the internet. YouTube, by the end of the year might start having paid subscriptions for some of the content on its website. According to a report that cited anonymous sources, YouTube contacted several video producers, asking them to submit applications to create ‘ for-pay’ channels. A typical rate for such a subscription would be between $1 – $5 and customers can sign up on the website as any other streaming service with premium content.  YouTube has been adding professional grade content on its archive for some time, apart from the usual home-made amateur videos that were prevalent when it first started. Since Google acquired it, it changed the look and feel of the website to emphasize more on subscriptions and channels. The video appeared on the top of the page and channel info below it. Advertisements are another aspect of change that hit YouTube operations since the acquisition. Some, users can skip but some they can’t. YouTube’s app also got an iPhone and Android update recently. Apple stopped using the Google Maps and YouTube app as a standard built in feature of an iDevice and separate apps were released to incorporate the resultant demand from the customers. The app is now universal and works on three different screen sizes – the iPad, iPad mini and iPhone. YouTube has such a big audience that they can start to segment their audiences into those that are willing to pay a higher amount for things like new gaming tricks, a specialized food recipe, a music tutorial or specialized video subscriptions.  According to the sources  of Youtube, certain production houses expressed a demand for YouTube to create fee based subscriptions. For end users, this would come as a discouragement to use YouTube but it’s tremendous archives would save the day in case of a backlash after it starts charging people. Some channels, no doubt would still be free and the YouTube community would still benefit from it. Google recently made public its plans to make its Asia servers operational . Youtube being on Google servers now would definitely see a rise in the net upload/download time so that would negate the effect of making a completely free service paid, or at least let’s hope so. Image Courtesy |   mirellas Looking For A Social Media Agency?? – Contact WATConsult – India’s Leading Social Media Agency

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