Krispy Kreme Successfully Uses Social Media To Launch Its First India Store

by Paul Joseph on February 1, 2013 · 0 comments

That Indians have a sweet tooth is no secret. So when Krispy Kreme, the US doughnut giant, decided to launch its first store in the country I suppose they knew it wouldn’t be a problem to get people to take to this sugary loop of heaven! But of course brands and businesses cannot be built on assumptions. Social media is where the next big (and small) marketing and advertising trend is. For brands who want to attract customers and get up close and personal with their fan base up, social media proves to be an immediate and direct path that must be tread on. This is proved by the fact that a well-established brand like Parle-G too is taking to social media to lure its next big fan base. Krispy Kreme India Strategy Krispy Kreme India joined Facebook in June 2012 and got active from September 2012. The initial updates were generic with the brand talking about its heritage and telling all how much they are loved by all. Come December and they started to actively talk about their impending Bengaluru launch and then on they eventually introduced the location of their store in Bengaluru to be Church Street. In January, they started the launch countdown. Generally, the company had regularly posted tempting pictures of doughnuts to lure customers and to get them excited about the brand. This tried and tested strategy was working with consumers wanting to get their hands on the doughnuts quick! The Big Ticket With a view to bring the crowds out to the store on day 1, the brand decided to make an irresistible offer! These came in the form of the Golden Ticket, Silver Ticket, Bronze Ticket that offered 1 year, 6 months and 3 months free supply of doughnuts respectively. So, if you wanted the golden ticket you had to be the first in the line to buy a dozen Krispy Kreme’s; for a silver ticket you had to be the second person to buy a dozen doughnuts and to be able to win the bronze ticket you had to be the third person to buy a dozen doughnuts. Along with these major prices, the brand also offered the patrons a chance to win a month’s free supply of doughnuts as well as gift vouchers. Using such simple yet effective and relevant tactics the brand was able to amass 21K followers on Facebook(these are the fan numbers on the day the article was written). The brand did not technically ignore twitter but they might as well have. They started and used the #GetGlazed , #blr and #KKDIndia hashtags which were not picked up their followers or the masses in general. I believe the use of multiple hashtags to promote one mini-contest and then not following them through is the reason behind the response on twitter being such a dud. I guess the brand did not necessarily invest or think it wise to invest in Twitter for now. Though, I do wonder why? Verdict There are times when straight-forward strategies win. This was one such time. I think Krispy Kreme did a good job with their launch strategy and generated great word-of-mouth publicity and excitement by the correct use of Facebook. To put it succinctly, They promoted the offers at regular time intervals and just before the launch They successfully exploited the cravings that good food imagery generates They did not clutter TLs They matched the online campaign with the on-ground requirement of attracting crowds to the store They posted pictures of crowds thronging the store post the launch thereby maintaining the thread of conversation and passively urging others to visit Krispy Kreme ASAP The communicated with and used the right tone when talking to customers who commented on their FB page They could not, however, use Twitter to its potential and I think this is where they faltered. I’d rather have a brand not use a social platform than use it half-heartedly I’d rate this campaign 6.5/10. (It would have been a 7.5, if Twitter was used wisely) What would you rate it? Looking For A Social Media Agency?? – Contact WATConsult – India’s Leading Social Media Agency

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