Mobile Internet Users Prefer Apple & Samsung Over Nokia

by Paul Joseph on February 5, 2013 · 0 comments

165 million Indians will access internet from mobile devices by 2015. It is quite natural for the smartphone companies to try hard to grab the most of the market. And the battle has begun. Finnish mobile handset maker Nokia which always led the mobile internet usage market has slipped to third position this year. A report by StatCounter reveals that Samsung ranked as the second largest power in the mobile internet sector while Apple, for the first time, occupies the top rank. “ In January 2013 Apple led globally for the first time in terms of Internet usage with 25.9% SHARE, ahead of Samsung (22.7%) and Nokia (22.2%) ,” the report says. Globally, HTC holds the fifth position with 4% market share. Blackberry is found to be at sixth position as its share drops from 8.3% to 3.5%. Samsung’s performance is really impressive. In India, Nokia still tops the mobile websphere though it lost significant amount of market share to its competitors. Here is a comparison chart from StatCounter. Nokia’s market share has dropped to 52.1% in January 2013 from 73% of January 2012. Whereas Samsung has occupied 26.9% market share in January 2013. StatCounter’s report shows that an ‘unknown brand’ takes the third position with 13.2% share as it could not track the information about the mobile vendor and browser. This report does not include tablets; it only considered pocket-sized devices in the report. The smartphone manufacturers are definitely eyeing India as the mobile net usage is still in the development stage in the country. Samsung was one of the leaders in touchscreen mobile phone sector in India. As mobile internet is maturing, Samsung has occupied a larger market share. Though Nokia introduced touchscreen models,  Samsung is still the popular name in this area. Mobile net users probably prefer devices with larger screen size . Samsung is already a popular name as Tablet maker. Apple’s iPad and mini iPad are in the market for quite some time. Does it indicate something? Are mobile net users relying more on the vendors who manufacture tablet computers as well? If that is the case, then Nokia needs to work on its device portfolio. From a report by The Australian it seems that Nokia has already spotted the hint. Good for the consumers; more the vendors fight over market share, higher is the chance for us to get better phones! Looking For A Social Media Agency?? – Contact WATConsult – India’s Leading Social Media Agency

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