New Navigation App Called ‘It’s NAV’ Launched For Android Users In India

by Paul Joseph on February 5, 2013 · 0 comments

Smartphones gained popularity because of a very notable feature that augments ease and convenience to the overall experience of using the device – navigation. You wont lose your way if you have a GPS enabled device and an app that displays your current position. Zero-sum , the wireless solutions provider and app developer and distributor has come out with its new navigation app called ‘It’s NAV’. The app is developed by Japanese company called Zenrin Datacom Company Ltd. Some features of the app-  An Online Navigation systems that uses very little device memory, Updates Map information on-the-go in real time without the need for users to download heavy map files before using the application, Simulation mode in Navigation allows users to preview Navigation route before starting journey, Real car navigation system and easy voice guidance system and route planning function that allows the app to function like an on-board in-dash car navigation system Extensive Search capabilities, that provides several ways to search locations, including search based on POI(Point of Interest), Address search, category type search and search based on surrounding areas Multilingual navigation interface in English and interface in Hindi coming soon Route planning that shows upto 3 different routes based on user preferences such as shortest distance, fastest route, etc. Address search at a house number level available in certain areas User-friendly voice guidance system that supports road merging to ensure safe driving while merging onto a highway or bigger road Zoom Display while entering intersections to ensure no missed turns Map display in 3D Check the video below: Google Play, the hub of android apps has plethora of apps that range from sound or music generation to recording to navigation. If the popularity of smartphones is analyzed against the speed with which the device created market opportunity for itself, smartphone emerges out as one of the most viable business ideas ever. Android is open source and that helps a lot of developers contribute to it. App business has been on the rise for long now but all is not hunky dory when it comes to end to end analysis. The ‘ends’, so to speak, are not met. The developers on one end are suffering due to heavy duty competition and failing recognition. The users on the other hand are miffed due to the problem of content discovery which affects the small time developers equally. Apps get lost in the swarm of numerous options available and there is often the bridge between what a customer expected from the app and what he actually got. This app could give stiff competition to other navigation apps that are available to customers like mapquest and waze. This app is to be installed in to various intelligent transport solutions so initial roll out in the market would not be difficult. App Link: Looking For A Social Media Agency?? – Contact WATConsult – India’s Leading Social Media Agency

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