Angel Investors Pump-In $ 500K In Reduce Data, A Real Time Advertising And Optimization Platform

by Paul Joseph on February 6, 2013 · 0 comments

Real-time advertising analytics and optimization platform Reduce Data has received US$ 500,000 from private American Angel investors. The company has a joint presence in USA & India and the seed funding will help the company expand base. What does the company do? Founded merely 5 months ago, Reduce Data offers an innovative technique to literally trim the data & in turn, spending surplus found in Big Data & virtual media ad campaigns. Using software algorithms, the company claims to identify excessive spending across multiple channels like mobile, online and social. Reduce Data seems to have come up with an in-house developed ‘ Ad Signature Rank’ , which is able to systematically up-vote or down-vote campaigns and ads based on tell-tale signatures of ads, and has embedded user signatures across ad platforms and channels apart from understanding user profiles, patterns and conversions across campaigns. In other words, the company can measure the ad-performance using real-time metrics & inward data-flow. After crunching the numbers, Reduce Data can confidently demonstrate or advise which media is ideal for advertising for a particular product or service.  Ad-analysis & statistical measuring tools have made their presence felt across the different platforms available today for the marketer. This growing jungle of options is pretty difficult to navigate.  Furthermore, the efficacy of the campaign isn’t realized until the ad-budget has been blown. Companies like Reduce Data can come in handy to make calculated guesses backed by Big Data about what would suite best for the company & its offerings. Knowing in advance, the probability of success, can help a lot in fixing the budgets & allocating funds to individual ad campaigns. Automatic optimization of ad-spends can mean companies can now assign funds wisely & save a ton in the process. However, the success will still be dependent on how well the data is shared. Website | Reduce Data Looking For A Social Media Agency?? – Contact WATConsult – India’s Leading Social Media Agency

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