Yahoo & Google Partner On An Online Advertisement Deal

by Paul Joseph on February 8, 2013 · 0 comments

 Yahoo was once a flourishing search engine. The features were unparalleled and everyone who had even a remote idea of how to use the internet or email went straight to Yahoo to make an account. Things changed since Google stepped in and turned it around. Yahoo found itself withering under the shadow of the tech giant. The Marissa Mayer happened to Yahoo and she is hell bent on changing the game for her company and the resultant of that is a series of collaborations and business decisions that seemingly supplement Yahoo’s presence and revenue. It has recently partnered with Google on a deal about the online advertisement space. Both the companies, despite differences, have reached an agreement that lets Google put its ads on Yahoos pages on the web and the ad revenue will benefit both the parties. This is not the first collaboration that Yahoo had with Google, or with any organization for that matter. Previously,Yahoo had partnerships with CBS and NBC sports. Yahoo has been progressing in the mobile space too. Apps for Flickr and Yahoo Mail were launched last year. Marissa managed to get Yahoo’s revenues to register a growth for the first time in four years and strong quarterly and yearly growth. With Google and Microsoft, it partnered to launch , which is essentially a website dedicate to educate website owners how to manage content on their sites and make the search on their pages more comprehensive and easy. Marissa Mayer is surely a boon for Yahoo. Company’s top performing officials are now seeing a good future ahead for Yahoo and there is reduced attrition rate. The overall result is that Yahoo’s shares went up and Marissa Mayer’s not so well articulated strategy ameliorated Yahoo’s stock and online trading image to a sizeable extent which reflected in stock prices. Google’s advertising prowess is unchallenged, both in the mobile space and online. Adsense and Admob both are great revenue generators and proven efficient advertisement distributing methods existing online. Google’s customer targeting algorithms have been improving and assessing the customer base more accurately and putting ads to them. Admob has solved the revenue and promotion problem for a lot of developers. Speculation is that the collaboration comes as a precursor to possible integration of the Yahoo and Google search. How that pans out for the internet search business scenario is the thing to watch. Image Courtesy |  techbend   Looking For A Social Media Agency?? – Contact WATConsult – India’s Leading Social Media Agency

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