Traffline, A Mobile App Solely Dedicated To Giving Out Traffic Information In Your City

by Paul Joseph on February 9, 2013 · 0 comments

In an increasingly connected world, technology isn’t limited to just businesses and research labs. It is all around us and helps us navigate our lives better. There have been concerns about our dependence on technology but if it makes our life better, then I do not see any harm. When I talk about our daily dependence on tech, I am not talking about our updates on social networks, but rather the important small things like figuring out the time we will take to reach work, how to navigate using the best route etc, which are examples of information which benefit us in our daily life. Figuring our traffic information and related information is now a very common thing with the kind of phones we are carrying around with us. We have apps which give us updates on traffic data. Google Maps incorporated real time traffic data almost a year back and is currently the popular choice on Android and iOS. There are other alternatives too and today we are going to be looking at another app which is only focused on providing transport information. This Indian app is called Traffline and has recently been endorsed by the Mumbai Traffic Police and their information has been integrated onto their official website. Actually, Traffline is not just an app, it is full fledged web service which has interfaces on mobiles, its website and Twitter. The mobile app is available on Android and iOS. We downloaded the app on Android and gave it a runthrough. The app is pretty fast and light. The functionality of traffline is divided pretty neatly into searching traffic by route and area. It also has features where you can check traffic alerts and view where traffic jams are taking place. See the screenshots of the app below. The app implements a color scheme to denote the state of traffic in certain areas. This idea of color scheme denoting traffic movement is also implemented by Google Maps. In fact I have searched for traffic information on both Google Maps and Traffline and this is how they stack up against each other. Traffline Google Maps As you will see, the traffic data shown in both apps is quite close. Both images were taken within a few minutes of each other.  It is interesting to note that Traffline uses Google’s mapping data and implements its own traffic data layer over it. The traffic data is sourced from multiple avenues, prominent among them being moving probes. Google Maps have moving probes of their own (Android and iOS app users) which help Google collect up-to-date information. Traffline has an interesting  feature where all traffic updates can viewed in text-only format thus making it easier for people who use the EDGE service. It will also be useful for those who are travelling in areas of slower internet coverage. BirdsEye Systems , which operates Traffline says that the traffic data is updated every 10 minutes. The app also provides accident and event updates. In this area it seems to trump Google Maps because things are way more localized. You can also find out a route from your location to a place you want to be at. Using all the traffic data which it sources, the app also gets the ability to tell you how long it will take to travel from one area to another. BirdEye Systems also gave us a look at their adoption numbers. Traffline also offers its services via SMS and twitter replies. All in all it seems to be a fairly well rounded app and provides good information about local traffic information. The service is only available for Delhi/NCR, Mumbai and Bangalore as of now. Do check the app out and tell us what you think of it. Download link | iOS | Android Website | Traffline Image Source | Man looking at phone image courtesy of Shutterstock Looking For A Social Media Agency?? – Contact WATConsult – India’s Leading Social Media Agency

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