Google Play Now Offers e-Books In India

by Paul Joseph on February 28, 2013 · 0 comments

We have had access to Google Play, Android’s revamped marketplace since a year now. Although we could download all the apps Android has to offer here in India, some of the more awesome features were only available in the US and UK. Google Play is a one-stop shop where you can buy music, videos, films, books and even Google devices in addition to apps. We have always been a little miffed about why Google doesn’t bring out these features here in India but today we are a little relieved. The company has announced that books can now be bought on Google Play starting today. The feature comes with with an accompaniment, the Google Play Books app, which lets you access all the books that you have downloaded from the Play Store.  Here some screenshots. The books store features most of the usual top selling books from India and abroad. You will be able to buy the books of your choice from the web as well as your Android and iOS mobile devices. The books will be synced to your Google account and will be available to read across multiple Android and iOS devices and the web. This cross-platform access is the biggest draw to Google Play Books. Even though Google has said that the service is live in the country, the app gave a pop-up saying that the option of buying books was ‘still’ not available in the country. However, the app later gave us access to buying books. With this, Google has shown that it is serious about releasing its products in the country. Also this will threaten Flipkart’s Flyte ebooks service in a big way because even though Flyte books can be read on Android and iOS devices, there is no web reading support yet. Also I think the number of Android and iOS users outnumber those who use Flyte ebooks. Since books are baked into Android, there will be many who will go over to Google’s offering since it is integrated nicely into the whole experiences. If Google brings the other goodies like music, films etc. Then everything will get very interesting in the space. Check the app out and let us know what you think. Google Play Books App | iOS | Android Story Source | Google Indian Blog Looking For A Social Media Agency?? – Contact WATConsult – India’s Leading Social Media Agency

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