India To Have A Cyber Security Policy, Says Kapil Sibal

by Paul Joseph on February 28, 2013 · 0 comments

Kapil Sibal seems to have come a long way. From accusing kids of watching only porn online and making half-baked statements that ask internet users to be ‘ accountable ’ for their online behavior, Mr. Sibal has finally found it in him to talk about policy . Given that policy formulation and implementation is his job I am glad he has finally gotten around to it. The Minister for Communications and Information Technology has said that India will soon have a ‘ Cyber Security Policy ’ that will prevent and protect people from fraudulent online scams and schemes. The minister then went on to say that it was indeed important to understand this “new” medium and to figure out ways to make it safe. He also said that the computer emergency response team, CERT-In, was doing its job of looking out for suspicious activities on the internet. Mr. Sibal has pointed out the need for international collaboration on the issues of internet safety and security. He said that since many service providers are located outside India it is difficult to nab any in case of fraud. He made it clear that the ministry would take action against schemes/offers run online and via SMS that promise people a big reward in return of personal information. While the idea about a Security Policy is great, everything that goes with it needs to be highlighted. The thing is that Mr. Sibal spoke about the larger picture without going into details and touching relevant points. What defines fraud or what does suspicious activity mean or what exactly does the policy protect against? Truth be told, nothing about the policy was highlighted and how soon would “soon” come was not mentioned either. Nonetheless, for the sake of protection against Cyber Crime, I do hope this policy sees the light of the day soon. Image Courtesy | Looking For A Social Media Agency?? – Contact WATConsult – India’s Leading Social Media Agency

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