Instagram Reaches 100 Million Users

by Paul Joseph on February 28, 2013 · 0 comments

Instagram , the picture sharing social media website has reached a total count of 100 million unique users recently. Two and a half years after the service was first started, the website declared it via a rather unusual blog post. Instagram registered this milestone while competing with already existing social media platforms that enable users to share images, Facebook being one of them. Pinterest is a relatively new rising rage with users. While every other social media platform has the option of attaching images, Instagram and Pinterest have taken the concept to a stage where words in a status update or blog post are optional. Photo processing and sharing websites have been present for long. Picasa and flickr were the spots where photographers showcase their talent and people share huge volumes of picture data. Flickr collaborated with Piknik, the online photo editing software but they had to close Piknik down in April last year. The service has been deemed as a formidable competitor by officials at Facebook. All the platforms have their own respective apps on iOS and Android. The  Picture revolution hit the social media paradigm and since then it has taken an upward trend. Large volumes of photos are shared and its pictures that get the maximum number of likes and shares as compared to text or other media. Instagram’s exponential rise can be gauged from the fact that Flickr, which has been active for a while now under the aegis of Yahoo, has 80 million unique visitors worldwide. Instagram’s app is easily integrated with mobile camera and it enables instant upload which makes it popular among younger non professional and semi professional shutterbugs. The blog post that came out with the news of a 100 million people says about the hardships the owners face while working on a cold winter night. Facebook started with the same hardships but it is over a billion users currently. Instagram is on its way and it already has set a revolution in place. What used to be an essential post with words, more often than not, is a picture with ‘ words optional ’. Image Courtesy |   Instagram Blog Looking For A Social Media Agency?? – Contact WATConsult – India’s Leading Social Media Agency

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