Twitter Is Killing Tweetdeck’s Mobile And AIR Based Desktop Apps

by Paul Joseph on March 5, 2013 · 0 comments

Tweetdeck has undergone quite a change in direction after its acquisition by Twitter. Originally focused on mobile and AIR based desktop apps, the service turned its direction to the web with their Chrome and Web app. The mobile app hasn’t changed at all. Twitter has been increasingly focusing on the web version of Tweetdeck and leaving the other versions unattended. Now, Tweetdeck has announced a more clearer picture of their roadmap. They are going to kill their  iOS and Android mobile apps in addition to Adobe AIR based apps on the desktop by this May. They will now concentrate only on the web experience. This has come to pass because Twitter wants power users to access Tweetdeck from the web, no matter which platform they use. In the announcement post, Tweetdeck says that this step was taken due to the trends they saw over the last few months. Apparently, most users were flocking to the web versions. However, I have noticed that only the web versions have been receiving proper updates while the other apps have been languishing for a long time. No wonder users are flocking to the web version! That being said, I think it is a great move overall as Tweetdeck for web is a better product now. If they keep adding great functionality then there will be no need to maintain different apps on various platforms and rely on outdated platforms like AIR. Additionally, these versions of Tweetdeck (except the web version) rely on an outdated version of the Twitter API which Twitter will be retiring this month. Twitter has said that it wants power users to use Tweetdeck on the desktop but rely on its own Twitter app on the mobile platform. This shows how serious Twitter is about locking down the 3rd party clients which mimic Twitter’s functionality. Besides this, Tweetdeck will now be shutting its Facebook integration thus becoming a full fledged Twitter client. After all these changes, I am hopeful that Tweetdeck will see some good features in the coming months because the company mentioned that they have nearly doubled the size of the Tweetdeck team. Story Source | Tweetdeck Blog Looking For A Social Media Agency?? – Contact WATConsult – India’s Leading Social Media Agency

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