India Climbs Down To Third Spot On Sophos Labs’ Spammiest Nation Chart

by Paul Joseph on March 6, 2013 · 0 comments

According to the latest report from Sophos Lab s, India has now climbed down two spots to become the third biggest spam spewing nation in the world. The USA and China now occupy the first two slots. In their previous report from last year, India had topped among other nations as the world’s biggest spam spewing country. The report called Dirty Dozen lists the top 12 spam spewing countries in the world. This year’s report shows that the US accounts for 18.3% of the world’s spam and China is responsible for 8.2% of global spam. India is accountable for 4.2% of global spam activity. In the previous report India accounted for 9.3% of global spam while the US accounted for 8.3%. Indian was third place in the report before that and now it is back to third position. We wonder why this spike happened in between. From a continent perspective, Asia leads among other continents in the amount of spam being churned. It seems that most of the spam is now being targeted at the US because spammers have found it easier to compromise US users. This could mean that the average Indian is wising up to the dangers of Internet spam and other irritations. Having understood that dangers of all these ‘Nigerian scams’ and other similar financial harmful plots and are actively taking efforts to not let their machines and online accounts get compromised. Sophos Labs released a statement dealing with this, “All this being said, this does not mean that the spammers themselves have migrated west – only that they’ve just recently had an easier time compromising computers in the US. So what indication might this give us about the security of American computers?. Unfortunately, when it comes to relaying spam, it is true to say that if you are not part of the solution then you are part of the problem. Leaving your computers weakly protected opens you up to attack, but also allows the spammers to use you as an outlet to pollute the internet for everyone else (and makes you – or your country – look like the bad guy).” I think a greater amounts of caution and education is needed to curb spam on a country level. Although, I routinely get some unwanted mails, I haven’t come across serious spam emails in quite some time. This could be a good thing but it is not the end. We should strive to educate each other and especially elders who have missed the whole Internet thing and are now using it, about the dangers of spam. Story Source | IBNLive Image Source | MyTechTeam Looking For A Social Media Agency?? – Contact WATConsult – India’s Leading Social Media Agency

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