Firstpost’s ‘YouSpeak’ Attempts To Add Multimedia To Commenting

by Paul Joseph on March 7, 2013 · 0 comments

Commenting on an article has just become a little more interesting thanks to a new approach adopted by . The Network 18’s digital news publication has introduced an interactive video views platform. Titled ‘ YouSpeak ’ it is essentially a video response to any article published on the site. Viewers, who wish to make their opinions heard, can now opt for a 30 second video clipping. Additionally, they can even start a conversation of their own or continue a ‘ thread ’. How does it work? To ensure the views & intentions of the writers/authors are established, the ‘ Firstpost Video Comment ’ system is divided into three parts. At the onset itself, the web portal’s Editor/Writer explains their stand/stance on a topic. Since video conveys much more than words, it is a powerful tool to ensure there is no ambiguity about the intention behind the article & the views of the writer. Thereafter, the commenting system allows a reader to ‘ Reply ’ with just a click. Commenters can re-cord as many times as they want before hitting the submit button with a headline & a short description. The commenting system designers seem to have been diligent enough to put in a review mechanism to prevent any slur or untoward incident. Firstpost has even offered a step to spark a conversation, wherein participants can start any discussion that they wish by turning on the recorder and recording a clip. These too are published upon preview. Commenting always seemed to be as an afterthought , rather than an integral part of the entire content ecosystem. This technique is sure to spark similar attempts by other sites owing to its ability of enticing readers to respond to the content rather than just reading it. What do you think? Looking For A Social Media Agency?? – Contact WATConsult – India’s Leading Social Media Agency

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