Facebook Launches A Redesigned Newsfeed; Looks Gorgeous!

by Paul Joseph on March 8, 2013 · 0 comments

Much has been said about Facebook’s newsfeed and its downright spiral into migraine inducing clutter. Facebook’s overall newsfeed design hasn’t changed much since a long while even though they revamped your profile by introducing Timeline more than a year back. Timeline was a positive step forward and one would definitely expect similar neatness in the overall Facebook experience. And that bit has finally come now! Facebook announced its redesigned newsfeed yesterday night and I have to say it looks absolutely gorgeous! The whole newsfeed has now been designed for consistency across all kinds of platforms. Parts of the design like the reduced Facebook icon at the top were seen during the company’s launch of its graph product sometime back. Graph is not yet available worldwide and we can only speculate when the newsfeed is going to come our way. Those who are feeling lucky can go ahead and join the waiting list here . Bigger and better visuals: Facebook’s new newsfeed has now joined the ‘more visual is better’ bandwagon pioneered by Instagram and Google+. The newsfeed shows content  (images and video) which is bigger in size and beautiful to look at, when seen with the minimalistic background. Facebook says that they have rebuilt the way stories are shown completely for the better. With big visuals and the attached ‘Like, Comment, Share’ buttons you don’t need to click on every image to see it better. You will thus be scrolling your feed without breaking out of your flow. Multiple Feeds: The newsfeed now sports category related feed which you can select according to the type of content that you want to view. You have options like Newsfeed, Most Recent, All Friends, Photos, Music, Following, Games, Groups, Events and so on. This gives users more control over the content that they want to see. Mobile: The redesigned newsfeed experience is pretty much the same across all prominent mobile platforms like iOS and Android with respect to content displayed and will make mobile news and social consumption even better. Check out the design thought behind the redesign in the video below. Availability: The feature will be rolling out to everyone in the coming weeks, according to Facebook. As far as mobile is concerned, the design updates will ship to the iPad and iPhone before Android. Initial thoughts: It is a great step forward for Facebook. The newsfeed clutter has always been maddening. It was such a bad experience that I would not use it all! The redesign has the potential to make things better, but I should reserve my judgement till everyone gets it and uses it for a weak or so to see if there is actually any improvement in terms of the clutter. What do you think? Share your views with us. Story Source | Facebook Looking For A Social Media Agency?? – Contact WATConsult – India’s Leading Social Media Agency

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