This Women’s Day, SellMojo Offers Ladies The Chance To Set Up Their ‘Facebook Store’ For Free

by Paul Joseph on March 8, 2013 · 0 comments

E-commerce is booming in India and we at WATBlog have been diligently following the trends of this particular industry. A strikingly new and interesting dimension to the e-commerce industry is the rise of Facebook as an ‘ online store ’.  While people are getting bored of the ‘ usual ’ aspects of Facebook, the reach and potential of this social media giant cannot be denied or underestimated. Given that Indians are hooked to Facebook, it only makes sense for willing entrepreneurs to set-up their shop on this platform which guarantees them instant reach with minimum investment. The good news for people who wish to capitalise on Facebook’s fan-base and set-up shop here is the emergence of SellMojo . Started by Nameet Potnis, Anuj Garg and Anant Garg, SellMojo is a platform that gives businesses the opportunity to sell on Facebook and to turn ‘ likes ’ into sales. The platform, which has been around for 3 months, finally went live yesterday (7 th March 2013) and is now open to the public. The offerings of SellMojo are simple. Say for example I want to (to put it crudely) sell shoes on Facebook. While I can set-up a page and upload albums of my product list (which is what many Facebook based businesses do), SellMojo offers me a more professional approach. Once I sign-up for their program, I can set-up my Facebook store, showcase n number of products simultaneously and promote these on multiple social media platforms in addition to availing the analytics and other support features they offer. Payment and security nitty-gritties are VeriSign certified on SellMojo so that I don’t have to worry about these essentials and I can simply focus on my business sales. The good thing about a platform as such is that the business of selling on Facebook gets a professional lift and make-over. While I have no issues with young entrepreneurs uploading albums every weekend showcasing their product, I think a proper store look is sure to entice me (and shoppers like me) to give purchasing the product (rather than simply browsing through the album) a thought. Coming to the title of this article, if you are a woman and are currently running a business on Facebook or intend to start one soon, SellMojo is offering you the chance to sign-up for their services for free this Woman’s Day. Since, a woman always knows a great bargain when she sees one, I don’t think I need to convince you to take up this offer while it lasts. One a general note, if you (male or female) do sign-up for SellMojo services do share your experiences and let us know how the platform benefited your business. We’d all definitely like to know. Promotion Link | Sellmojo Looking For A Social Media Agency?? – Contact WATConsult – India’s Leading Social Media Agency

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