Wipro Introduces AssureHealth Platform With Backing From Microsoft

by Paul Joseph on March 8, 2013 · 0 comments

Microsoft & Wipro Technologies have jointly come up with an e-Health platform. Christened ‘ AssureHealth ’, the platform is being geared to offer remote monitoring & diagnosing capabilities. The global IT and outsourcing business arm of Wipro Limited, Wipro Technologies will be the face of the project here in India, whereas Microsoft will offer technological backing. What exactly is AssureHealth? The official company statement reads, “ This is primarily targeted at healthcare providers to deliver innovative solutions for remote fetal monitoring and cardiac care that will ensure high quality treatment at reduced costs, especially for chronic diseases ” However, the workings are slightly more complex. Medicine falls woefully short in India with its vast population & equally spread dispersion. This makes constant monitoring of patients an extremely difficult task. Therefore, automation & remote monitoring is the only option. Microsoft is going to offer its cloud, mobility and analytics products to allow healthcare providers to monitor patients regularly and precisely. Through dedicated hosted servers, patients’ data & vitals will be uploaded & subsequently monitored via remote sensing peripherals installed on the human body of the patient. Interestingly, the service is meant primarily for extensive Cardiac Care & soon-to-be mothers. Both the categories require constant monitoring to ensure the vital signs are normal. A timely observation can make the difference of life & death. Often Cardiac Arrest (Heart Attack) occurs during sleep. Remote monitoring such signs can surely save a life. In the case pregnancy or fetal care Wipro has similar intentions, “ The fetal monitoring service delivers accurate recordings of maternal, fetal heart rate and uterine activity from the expectant mother to the physician over his/her mobile device thereby enhancing the doctors ability to provide enhanced care to patients ” said the company. The ‘fetal monitor’ is a non-intrusive wireless device that is fitted on the mother & it constantly records maternal & fetal heart rate apart from uterine activity. These signs can offer accurate idea about the state of health of mother & child. Healthcare websites , apps & portals offering medicines are many. But it is interesting to see such collaborative efforts for proactive healthcare. What do you think? Image Courtesy |   topnews.net Looking For A Social Media Agency?? – Contact WATConsult – India’s Leading Social Media Agency

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