5 Ways Marketers Can Use Facebook Places

by Paul Joseph on March 11, 2013 · 0 comments

Facebook Places , a  feature launched by Facebook in 2011, lets users share details of their location by check-ins using the Check-in feature. Apart from sharing their location with their friends, users can also see who is near them and discover great new places to explore around their location. This feature also provides interesting insights and analytics into users’ data. If you’re a marketer, you should be itching to know how you can leverage Facebook Places to build an effective marketing campaign through the popular social network. If this data is used smartly by the marketers, it could open a potential gold mine of information about the general trends in the consumers’ lifestyle and product/service choices. So here are the five ways through which every brand marketer should leverage the social platform of Facebook places: 1. Extend brand reach Going by defaults, any check-in would be directly posted on the users’ profile and on their friends’ News Feed, and this can undoubtedly extend the reach of your brand. People checking in at a particular venue or spot are basically broadcasting their location the world. Marketers can analyse and gain insights into brand value in different locations. 2. Advertising, advertising, advertising E-marketers often point out that marketers reach out to customers when they are close to making purchases. Facebook Places will enable marketers to deliver targeted ads and convincing them to make decisions. This can prove to be very powerful for companies will be able to analyze on what are the interests of the target audience and will thereby help in delivering compelling product offers to consumers. If the ads are pushed to the consumers while they’re engaged with something, it could be extremely useful for brand marketers as a whole. 3. Location exposure This is a bit of an obvious one, really. With more than 1.5 million pages on Facebook, businesses with existing Facrbook pages can claim their location and get it verified by Facebook. Once that is done, users who check-in from that location and provide location information as well as exposure to the marketer. 4. Discounts and offers galore! Facebook Places could eventually be used as a way of distributing discounts and offers to people within a certain proximity. This would have the added bonus of putting an offer in front of someone when they’re in a place thatallows for an immediate transaction. 5. Data insight analytics The data that you as a marketer can collect on Places users and the number of times they checkin could prove valuable in tracking customer activity, consumer personas and, indeed, competitor activity. Also if people checkin to a certain venue or business and then leave any tips,advice or comments then this information will be useful feedback for businesses. Facebook Places thus could prove effective as a part of your business marketing strategy . A strong competitor to Facebook Places in the location marketing industry is Foursquare . Other smaller tools and apps include Playcez , DealChaat and LocalCircles.com. Foursquare has been performing very well ever since it was launched, and I think Foursquare’s doing a much better job of expanding their company for letting businesses leverage the platform than Facebook. In that regard, Facebook needs to utilize its existing marketing platforms apart from offering users with redesigned News Feeds to provide better ads experience. If you have any tips to share about leveraging Facebook Places in marketing please let us know through the comments section. Reference: Official Facebook blog Looking For A Social Media Agency?? – Contact WATConsult – India’s Leading Social Media Agency

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