Google Now To Expand Its Offering From Android To Chrome, iOS & Windows 8

by Paul Joseph on March 13, 2013 · 0 comments

When Siri for iOS was launched, it caused a furore in tech circles and subsequently trickled down to the increasing interest expressed by the public. Now, the ball was in Google’s court and everyone was waiting to find out what the internet giant had up its sleeve. With the launch of the latest Android version, Jelly Bean, Google announced the introduction of Google Now , a service aimed to be your personal assistant, leveraging the massive information available on Google for your custom needs. There is now a pretty strong rumour circulating that Google Now may find its way to the Chrome browser, iOS and even Windows 8. Tech pundits heralded Google Now as a fitting reply to Apple’s Siri and even some Apple fan-boys have accepted that Google Now has exciting prospects. It essentially customizes itself according to your needs and improves itself as you interact more with it. Google Now gets you search results even before you may want to look for certain things. The Google Now app delivers current weather, calendar appointments, directions to work and home (after it learns about your daily routine), nearby attractions if you move into a new place, your favourite sports team’s scores, boarding passes and a lot more. If you search for a particular place on Google Maps on your laptop, you may find directions to reach that place waiting on your phone even before you look for it. It is pretty eerie and creepy at the outset, but once you get used to it, you will definitely find it utmost useful. With the help of knowledge graph and voice search, Google Now takes on Siri as a personal voice assistant, while adding a slew of additional features. Check out the video below: Engadget was tipped off about a possible leaked video which shows an advert for Google Now for iOS. It might possibly be a fake video , but the video has a lot of traits that Google uses for its ads. The move isn’t very surprising either, as it makes sense for Google to launch its Google Now service across platforms. In addition, a French web developer found a Chrome flag for Google Now in the latest version of Chromium that enables Google Now in both Chrome OS and Windows 8. Google Now can be considered as an extension to Google Search App that is the primary revenue generator of Google. Google Now is deeply tied in with other Google services and shows promising potential in generating new revenues in terms of Google ads. Making use of Google Now necessitates the user to be dependent more and more on Google services and that is exactly what Google wants. Hence, it is not at all surprising that Google would not limit the service to its flagship mobile OS, but instead, try to rope in more users by extending its support to other platforms. There is huge amount of personal data sitting in Google’s cloud and this service is an attempt to make use of that data to deliver content in a more personal and relevant manner. At first glance, it is quite unnerving and privacy issues come to the forefront, but it is surely going to change how we interact with Google services.  What do you think of Google Now? Have you used the app and found it useful? How do you feel when you know that all your information, your search history, your web behaviour is taken into account while delivering personalized content? Do let us know in the comments. Image Courtesy | Droid-life Looking For A Social Media Agency?? – Contact WATConsult – India’s Leading Social Media Agency

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