Smartzones From Ad Network Co. Velocity Could Address An Important Void

by Paul Joseph on March 13, 2013 · 0 comments

One of India’s prominent Targeted Reach Ad Networks , Velocity has announced the launch of its newest mobile based product. Christened Smartzones, the product is touted to enable location based audience targeting. Geared towards the ‘ Upwardly mobile and technologically savvy ’ customer, Smartzones will be best suited for environments like airports, stadiums, high end shopping malls and other commercial centers across India. How does Smartzones work? Advertisers crave audience that has already moved through a few of the purchase making decisions like awareness, interest & so on. In fact, Smartzones addresses the exact inherent void between geo-targeting on the web and the deficiency of targeted reach of other media by targeting consumers who are either displaying Purchase Intent, Researching about a category/product on mobile or are in the advertiser’s zone-close to their POS. In essentiality, the recipient is more amenable to advertisements. Mobiles are obviously the most portable of all the electronics among even laptops or tablets. They are frequently whisked out even while doing other tasks. It is sometimes even an subconscious activity. Taking advantage of the same Smartzones gives an advertiser the ability to attract new customers, influence purchase decisions, convert impulse to sales, ensure consistent footfalls/attention, reward loyal customers, and reach consumers based on real-world actions & behaviors and present relevant offers to consumers. Based on benefits of programmatic buying using high-scale data and analytics makes display ads work as effectively as non-branded keyword search. Velocity already has a growing compilation of premium publishers such as 4shared, Fruit Ninja, Newshunt, Myfitnesspal, EA – Tetris, EA Scrabble etc. Additionally many major display exchanges are integrated with Velocity on display & mobile ad ecosystem. This should give it a tactile edge the brand managers need to spread their promotional message to just the right amount of audience. This should in turn ensure the budgets are not stretched & ROIs are much more appealing . What do you think? Looking For A Social Media Agency?? – Contact WATConsult – India’s Leading Social Media Agency

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