Apple Bags Number 2 Spot As A Smartphone Brand In India: Survey

by Paul Joseph on March 14, 2013 · 0 comments

The Indian smartphone market is a very peculiar one. Despite its apparent price-conscious labeling, a recent survey by IDC has put a relatively premium brand as Apple on a respectable No. 2 Spot. How is it possible? Despite being considered as an ‘ Expensive ’ & ‘ Elite ’ brand, Apple climbed to a surprising spot owing to a very apparent buyer behavior. The company’s flagship model, the iPhone 5 presently costs upwards of Rs. 45,000 (US$ 800). However, its last year’s model the iPhone 4S has dropped significantly in pricing & is available at a very lucrative price point. Additionally, multiple E-commerce websites are offering attractive deals & discounts to extinguish their stocks. Though the price has come down significantly, the hardware is merely a year old. And given Apple’s workmanship, the phones still stand tall in front of some devices that were launched in this year itself.  The one thing that Apple did that is truly surprising is openly sell GSM unlocked smartphones. With a phone that is not tied-down by any contractual obligations, the pre-paid community was free to slide in any SIM of their choice & continue using all the features of the device. Apple recently & officially launched iTunes in India & immediately brought in other devices like Apple TV, iPads & iPad Mini. Most of these products even had same-day launch as in other countries proving that Apple values India as a potential market worth focusing on . What do you think? PS: The first spot has been captured by Samsung Electronics & its Galaxy Line of Smartphones with a collective market share of 38.8%. While Apple has less than half of it at 15.6%, followed by Sony (9.4%) & then Nokia (7.3%). Image Courtesy |   shutterstock Looking For A Social Media Agency?? – Contact WATConsult – India’s Leading Social Media Agency

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