PC Sales Expected To Fall By 7.8% In 2013 While Tablet Sales Flourish

by Paul Joseph on May 29, 2013 · 0 comments

Since the tablet has become a mainstream consumer device, many pundits have been predicting nothing but doom for the PC market, especially the desktop. Normally, I wouldn’t pay them much heed, but now report after report says that desktop shipments are dwindling compared to tablets. The newest report by IDC’s Quarterly PC Tracker , has predicted  a sharper decrease of PC sales. PC sales will be falling at the rate of 7.8% in 2013 according to the firm. Some 363 million PC units shipped in 2011. That number has been falling ever since that year. This can largely be attributed to the debut of the iPad and its market dominating performance. Android tablets, which were initially not even in the picture have now shown promise and are thus adding to the declining PC sales. IDC predicts that 321.9 million units will ship in 2013. The figure is supposed to decrease from here on and then increase in 2017. This is so because tablets are not geared towards productivity as many jobs around the world now require that you sit in front of your PC/laptops and add input using a keyboard or a mouse. Tablets help us to watch movies, read books, check email but when it comes to actual production level work, there seems to be no substitute for a keyboard and a mouse yet. One thing is certain though! The desktop PC will see steady decline and will be replaced completely with laptops and notebooks. There has been some bit of innovation in the field which gives us a glimpse of how we might use computing devices in the future. We have the touch+keyboard devices, like Chromebook Pixel , the Surface etc and even though these ideas are pretty neat, I believe better interaction and input ideas are yet to surface (ha!). Companies like Leap Motion are making it possible for some radical ways to interact with computing systems, while retaining traditional input. The IDC report says that while PC sales decline, the tablet sales around the world are growing at a rather good pace. Tablet shipments are projected to grow by 58.7% in 2013 which amounts to 229.3 million unites. The report also says that tablet sales will overtake the entire PC market (notebooks and desktops) by 2015. This will definitely have an effect on many aspects of the digital industry. Developers will focus more on apps and pay lesser attention to the desktop due to the shrinking sales. App stores will be crowded. App discovery mechanisms and improvements will definitely come about. The variety in PC software will reduce and with more cloud computing developments in addition to increasing Internet speed capability, we will probably use PCs which are akin to Chromebooks. I wager that the web will be capable of most OS level tasks in the next few years and we will probably rid ourselves of native OSes. What do you think will happen in the next few years? Share your thoughts with us. Via | ReadWrite Image Source | Beesquare on Flickr Looking For A Social Media Agency?? – Contact WATConsult – India’s Leading Social Media Agency

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