Twitter Windows Phone 8 Update Adds Vine Support And Photo Filters

by Paul Joseph on June 7, 2013 · 0 comments

Microsoft launched a major update to the official Twitter app for Windows Phone 8 in February, adding a number of new features and improvements. The company has now released yet another update for the app which adds several new, and highly required, features. In a post on Microsoft’s official Windows Phone blog, the company goes over some of the features of the new Twitter app. One of them adds the ability to view embedded videos from Vine in tweets and another integrates Lens app support. The updated Twitter app also allows for adding some filters to their Twitter photos. Microsoft’s official statement is as follows: “ Just tap the camera icon to capture an image from your phone’s viewfinder, or pull in a shot from your Camera Roll. Then apply one of 8 new filters .” This update now enables you to edit images and choose from eight new filters – Vignette, Warm, Cool, 1963, 1972, Golden Hour, Antique and Black & White – the same ones you will find in iOS and Android versions of the app. Support for Vine is partial in the app. Twitter’s 6 second video platform has a standalone creation app on iOS and Android, and while the ability to shoot and edit the tiny viral videos is not (yet) part of Windows Phone’s app store, you can now view a Vine video from inside the Twitter application, rather than launching the external media player. You can also add photos in Twitter posts to your phone’s local storage in this update. In addition, the update allows for refreshes of lists on demand. Finally, there’s been a number of unnamed bug fixes applied in this new version, which I think will definitely be news to lots of people using this client for tweeting as this app has often faced criticism regarding bugs in the code. Another thing to be noted is that even though this is the “official” Twitter app for Windows Phone 8, the actual development of the app has been conducted by a third party and not by a team at Twitter itself. Twitter has been really active in the official clients and mobile, web space of times. Last month, it announced that its official app would be coming to Google Glass. In April this year,the social networking giant launched a Twitter music service for iOS and Web users. Twitter’s Vine recently was ported to Android as well; in a bid to increase its potential user base. I find the addition of photo filters something rather expected; after all comparisons to Instagram (which is owned by Facebook) are inevitable and Twitter surely doesn’t want its users and apps to promote Instagram network in any way. Twitter definitely seems to have done a great job with pushing out this update, and it looks like they’re betting big on photography and imaging. The point is that Windows Phone users are the first ones to receive such powerful imaging capabilities; and it seems Twitter wants to venture into video and imaging at a larger scale, and is using the comparatively smaller platform in terms of users to test this motive.Twitter is probably on to something big in the social media space. You can check out the Windows Phone Store to download the latest version of Twitter for your Windows Phone device.   Looking For A Social Media Agency?? – Contact WATConsult – India’s Leading Social Media Agency

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