India’s e-tailing Industry To Hit $76 Billion By 2021: Technopak Study

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India’s e-tailing market has the potential to grow more than hundred-fold in the next nine years to reach a value of $76 billion by 2021,  according to a latest study by Technopak. E-tailing is the total size the business of selling retail goods on the Internet. The study reveals that country’s growing Internet- habituated consumer base, which will comprise 180 million broadband users by 2020, along with a burgeoning class of mobile Internet users, will drive the e-tailing growth. The share of e-tailing of the total organised retail pie is expected to grow from 0.1% now to 5.3% by 2021, as per the study. Technopak study touts that the total e-commerce business in India, including other products and services such as travel and financial services, is estimated to be $10 billion in 2012.  The retail market in India which is currently served by traditional brick and mortar stores make up 93 percent of the total market. These organised brick and mortar retail will increase six times in value from $34 billion to $212 billion by 2021, and its share of the total retail pie will just over double from the current 7% to 14.7% by 2012.  ” However, this type of brick and mortar retail will continue to face structural issues within the retailing ecosystem, which will be a challenge for retailers to address individually ,” it further said. Moreover the Technopak study says that, “E-tailing will emerge as a viable third alternative by which corporatised retail can expand its share of the total retail pie.” It states that  e-tailing has the potential to grow with an increase in internet-habituated consumers across India.  Moving from retail, the study further estimates that by 2020, 150 million users will have either a laptop or a personal computer. In 2012, India had over 900 million mobile subscriptions across 380 million mobile phone users. By 2020, mobile phone users are projected to increase to 600 million. The study also added that most of the mobile phone users are expected to switch to smartphones. Finally. the study also found that the e-tailing sector can create jobs and provide employment to 1.45 million people by 2021. A Franchise India e-tail report had also stated that Indian e-retail is growing with a 40% annual rate and will hit Rs. 7200 crores in 2015.  Image Courtesy |  ourtowncloud Looking For A Social Media Agency?? – Contact WATConsult – India’s Leading Social Media Agency

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