Apple WWDC 2013 Keynote Highlights And Summary

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This week’s main event  was the Apple World Wide Developer Conference (WWDC) which was held on Monday 10th June, 2013. This year, Apple gave fair warning for ticket sales and the public responded by  giving Apple it’s fastest sold out event ever: 71 seconds. Attendees came in from 66 countries and two-thirds of them are first-time attendees. Everyone got something from the latest WWDC keynote address. We got a new, cylindrical (! ) Mac Pro ( tell us if you love or hate the new design ), and a new OS – OS X Mavericks ( they ran out of cats ), with higher responsiveness and longer battery life (it’s about time); Maps gets a second chance, users get a new password-management system for iCloud, Finder gets an update and more. In case you missed out the actual video keynote stream, we have the highlights of the Day 1 of the event. 1. OS X Mavericks So because of a dwindling supply of cats, the 10th OS version was named , OS X Mavericks , and it promises to extend battery life and provide better responsiveness, hitting a strong 1.4x performance improvement over Mountain Lion. Finder Tabs:  Your Finder is going the way of Tabs, like how it is with major browsers these days. Rather than have so many windows, just open up all your files into multiple tabs. Open windows can be merged into tabs with just one clicks and files can be transferred from one folder to another just by hovering over the tabs. Tagging Tagging is brought to the Mac. Save a document and give it a tag and have the tags turn up automatically on the sidebar. As tagging can now be done anywhere, including on files on the iCloud, all files with the same tags can be pulled up with a single click. Multiple Display Multiple Display support allow you to work on, multiple screens, even though only one device is physically connected, even if it means you are using Apple TV as one of your screens. Full screen spaces can be pulled from one display to the next and the dock and other menus will be displayed on each connected screen as well. Password Management With KeyChain Apple wishes to take reins to better safeguard and help their users better remember their passwords, account information, Wifi-networks and even credit card numbers with iCloud KeyChain. Safari auto-suggests passwords for you, and even extends this option to your logged-in credit card information. Better Maps Apart from sending calendar events and suggestions to your iPhone, you can also send directions on the Map app to the iPhone from your Mac. This will show on your lockscreen and once you are in your phone, you are taken straight to navigation. iBooks on Your Mac iBooks is now available on the Mac, giving users access to 1.8 million books including interactive textbooks. 2. Enhanced  battery Life for MacBook Air The Macbook Air now has enhanced battery life, 4th generation Intel core processor and Haswell ULT. With all this, your Air can wake up in a second, or stay on standby for 30 days. The 11” also got an extension in battery life, staying awake now for to 9 hours. 3. MacBook Pro Is Now A Cylinder The new Mac Pro now only takes up o ne-eighth of the original volume and packs a power in its relatively tiny frame. Two times faster than the old Mac Pro, this new addition to the family has a ‘central thermal core’ running on 12-core Intel Xeon processor, Flash storage, supports 4K displays and is available only at the end of the year. As usual,there are no details on its pricing as yet. 4. iOS 7 The new mobile version from Apple promises tons of new features and sports new designs as well. Here are the major iOS 7 features that you may want to know about: Control Center :  Quick access to major controls like volume, Bluetooth, etc. Multitasking:   Now for all apps, with intelligent background updating when needed Safari:  A new full-screen look, smart search that unifies Google search and your history search. Control Center:   T he ”easiest way to share with the people who are right around you.” Photos:  A new photo app with new filters. Also, new auto-organized photos by date, place, and people, and new shared photo streams. Siri:  New look, new voice (a male voice), and much more intelligence to control your device. Integration of Twitter, Wikipedia, and web search results from Bing (not Google!). iOS in the car:  Your iOS interface on your car’s navigation screen with partnership with over ten manufacturers. iTunes Radio Launches Apple’s music streaming service aims to take on everyone: from Pandora to Google Music. T he service is ad-supported, although it will be ad-free to people who use iTunes Match. It will come built into iOS 7, the iPhone, iPod Touch, Apple TV and iTunes on Macs and PCs. It comes with 100 stations built by the music team at Apple, and users can follow music that’s trending on Twitter. FINAL WORDS It all comes down to innovation. Apple has indeed stretched a lot this year and provided lots of goodies to the Apple and technology fans in general. It’s good to observe a company in a while that takes efforts to design and engineer its products and services, rather than listening downright to market analysts on the whole front. OS X Mavericks looks to be a big leap in terms of usage and performance. iBooks too has tremendous potential, now that ebooks are growing as a tech trend. Unfortunately, Siri and Maps hardly got some time, as if they were just put aside. On a more serious note, it is disturbing to note that Apple, a company which was once the innovator and frontrunner in tech breakthroughs, is now playing catch-up to other companies. Apple is now being called a ‘slowpoke,’ ‘iBore’ and even ‘iTrash’  among various other criticism abound from all sides. It remains to be seen as to how far these announcements restore Apple back to its full glory. On the other hand, do tell us in the comments section regarding the development you liked the most. You can watch the WWDC event here . I mage Courtesy |   forbes  |   Looking For A Social Media Agency?? – Contact WATConsult – India’s Leading Social Media Agency

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