Can eBay’s Homepage Personalization Boost Sales?

by Paul Joseph on June 11, 2013 · 0 comments

Online marketplace & auction site eBay has begun to deploy a new feature that offers personalization of its home-page for regular customers. Titled ‘ eBay Feed ’, the feature will allow users to create/customize their own homepage on eBay, based on trends and brands and their interests. How does the feature work? eBay mandates a sing-up if a buyer is interested in participating in auctions or wishes to buy. Additionally, it has one of the most comprehensive search features that allows a large degree of specificity which can narrowed down further to shrink the search results & shorten the selection & buying features. If that’s not all, the portal routinely offers shopping options with discounts like Daily Deals & Deals of the Week . This all activity generates a lot of data about a user. In other words, eBay gains a lot of insights about the likes, preferences, wishes & buying patterns of its subscribed users. To introduce the feature, the company has created an interesting web-page that offers Indian users to create a personalized feed, & upon clicking the ‘Create Your Feed’, takes you through a process of customizing the feed & then creating a complete personalized home-page. This feature holds immense promise . Owing to the data collation techniques & methods mentioned earlier, eBay can confidently suggest merchandise that is not only relevant, but has a high chance of being purchased. Additionally, it appears, the Feed has been carefully synchronized with the Social Profiles of the eBay user. While many users feel this feature seems to be inspired from Pinterest , it is nevertheless a clever & not-so-subtle way of promoting products & offers sellers a smart way to advertise under the guise of personalization. Users, who visit eBay with a specific set of products in mind, would surely appreciate such efforts. eBay, being an auction site too, offers one of the best opportunities to buy rare books, notes & other used, but valuable merchandise. But those who visit eBay occasionally to buy random products may find such a feature intimidating & confusing. Do check out the new feature & let us know how you feel. Looking For A Social Media Agency?? – Contact WATConsult – India’s Leading Social Media Agency

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