40% Of India’s Online Population Are Women Reveals Google’s Latest Study

by Paul Joseph on June 21, 2013 · 0 comments

From India’s 150 Million strong internet users, about 60 Million belong to the fairer sex  implies a new study released by Google’s India arm. That means the male to female ratio is about 60:40 . Titled Women & Web Study, the report reveals some fairly interesting developments within the Indian online ecosystem. Though internet access is spreading, the women availing it are from affluent class: India’s internet proliferation is growing at a healthy rate. Thanks to mobile internet & cheap tablets, internet access is no longer limited to costlier laptops & desktops, nor is it restricted to the confines of offices or cyber cafés. But ironically, the same liberation has not been accorded to the women of India. Majority of the women accessing internet hail from an affluent class & over 75% of them are in the 15- 34 age group. Of the 60 Million women, only about 24 Million access the internet on a daily basis. The study was compiled to get a deeper insight into the mindset of the female demographics & understand their desires that would hopefully influence their purchasing decisions. It seems Google has gained tactile information that will surely come in handy for designing online marketing & promotional activities oriented specifically towards women. Skin care (72%); baby care (69%); and hair care (65%) products were most searched & purchased by women. The internet has actually evolved to become an advisor now. The digital realm has now started to influence & guide women on their purchase decisions. Over 50% of women surveyed confirmed that internet based research has influenced their decision before zeroing on a product. Routine activities that continue to be actively pursued are email, search and social networking: In the past we have seen the grip image driven social media site Pinterest had on women. Well apparently the pattern is common among other social media portals as well. Additionally, women are now actively consuming online content revealed a database analysis of Google’s popular video aggregation site YouTube. About 40% of viewers on YouTube are now women. Despite being limited to educated & independent women for the time being, India has vast untapped demographic that is still fairly unaware about the internet. But thanks to the mobile companies & their aggressive maneuvers especially for Data Tariff structures , internet will now slowly penetrate to these remote areas & India’s online population will soon grow exponentially. What do you think? Image Courtesy |    education.oneindia Looking For A Social Media Agency?? – Contact WATConsult – India’s Leading Social Media Agency

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