Instagram Takes On Twitter’s Vine With 15 Second Video Sharing Capability

by Paul Joseph on June 21, 2013 · 0 comments

Some days back, we wrote about the rumored announcement regarding Instagram getting video capturing and sharing abilities. The news was confirmed yesterday when Instagram announced Video on Instagram thus putting it head to head with Twitter’s Vine , which was the first to innovate with short 6 sec. video clips and make them share-able easily on the web. The major difference between both the services include the video capture time. Vine, like Twitter prefers brevity in shared content and limited the videos to 6 secs while Instagram’s video product has more than twice the time at 15 secs. The new Instagram also features image stabilization and the addition of filters thus making it lead Vine in terms of features. Vine, being the first mover in the segment has already gotten a significant user base already which is said to be around 13 million currently. By comparison, Instagram already has a userbase of 130 million and counting and with the Instagram video service being integrated into the existing app, it can safely be said that Instagram can get the upper hand in terms of usage. Vine has the upper hand currently in terms of the kind of content that people are coming with on the service. It has a whole host of creative people who are exploring the platform and testing the limits of storytelling given Vine’s timing constraints. Personally, I think Instagram’s 15 secs is just about the right time to let people tell their stories. Also the addition of filters will definitely excite a lot of users who seem to have an added affinity to changing the tint of their photos/videos. Twitter has been countering yesterday’s announcement by sending mass emails to its user base promoting Vine directly which is unprecedented because they haven’t done this kind of direct push since the service was launched. Let us see how this one plays out in the coming weeks. Instagram | Android | iOS Looking For A Social Media Agency?? – Contact WATConsult – India’s Leading Social Media Agency

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