Tablet Shipments Exceeded 2.6 Million Last Year: IDC

by Paul Joseph on June 26, 2013 · 0 comments

The Tablet Computing era is surely upon us. Just last year, more than 2.66 Million were shipped from manufacturing plants into the hands of customers. In retrospection, the shipments jumped an astonishing 901% as compared to a year earlier.  The low cost 7 Inch Tablets have not only been found adaptable as compared to the larger screened variants like the 10 inch & above, but the manufacturers have been quick to enhance their capacity to meet the increase in demand. In the last quarter of 2012, these 7 Inch Tablets comprised of almost 80% of the total shipments, confirmed a report by Market Research Firm IDC . Is India a receptive country? The answer is a resounding Yes . Not only have Chinese OEM manufacturers begun to make & ship low cost tablets with gusto, but even regional players like Micromax, Idea, Karbonn, Spice & a handful of others have been innovating aggressively & bringing new iterations with slight modifications to the internals, almost every week. The Indian marketplace will surely herald the new era of portable computing thanks to these miniature powerhouses that can do almost everything a full-fledged PC can do & consume up to 25 Times less power & are much cheaper too. Not to mention, the Government has enthusiastically begun to explore rural & remote education via these tablets. The Aakash Tablet, born out these endeavors, had helped its maker Datawind take the lead from erstwhile leader Micromax . Speaking of leadership, Samsung seems to have emerged as the overall leader having about 16% share in the total shipments achieved & Micromax came in a close second with 13.33% despite making a relatively late entry. Coincidentally, another research company carried out a market assessment recently & came up with similar results . With the emergence of a new form factor of smartphones that nearly take the screen size of the tablet & yet offer the convenience of the smartphones, called the Phablet, do you think, tablets will continue to sell this well? Image Courtesy |    techone3 Looking For A Social Media Agency?? – Contact WATConsult – India’s Leading Social Media Agency

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