Yahoo To Shut Down Altavista, RSS Alerts And Other Products

by Paul Joseph on July 1, 2013 · 0 comments

Yahoo just announced on the official company blog over at Tumblr that it will shut down twelve of its services over the course of few months. It may come as a surprise that some services got shut down already even before the announcement went live on the blog. AltaVista: Yahoo is shutting down AltaVista , the favorite web search engine of the past. AltaVista came into Yahoo’s hands when it acquired its then owner Overture Services Inc in 2003. AltaVista will be shut down on July 8, Yahoo said. Yahoo Axis: Yahoo Axis , a set of browser plugins and mobile apps that Yahoo build as a new browser initially, has been shut down. The plugins won’t work anymore, but the mobile apps will. They won’t be updated though and Yahoo is suggesting users switch to the Yahoo Search app instead. Yahoo Browser Plus: The Yahoo Browser Plus has been discontinued; it’s no longer available and even its online presence has been wiped clean. Citizen Sports: Citizen Sports , a community for sports fans, is dead as well. Yahoo is suggesting its Sports section and the fantasy sports websites it runs as alternatives. Yahoo Web Player: The Yahoo Web Player , a JavaScript snippet that gave visitors access to a website to play an MP3 from the page without having to download it, will be shut down tomorrow. Most browsers can now play MP3s out of the box, so there’s no more need for the widget. FoxyTunes: FoxyTunes , a browser extension that enables users to control media players while browsing the web, will be shut down on July 1. Yahoo RSS Alerts: Yahoo RSS Alerts will be shut down on July 1, and Yahoo Neighbours Beta on July 8. The venerable AltaVista search engine only has a little over a week to live; it will be gone on July 8. Yahoo Stars India and Yahoo Downloads Beta will be dead by the end of next month, on July 25 and July 31, respectively. Developers using the Yahoo Local API and the Yahoo Term Extraction API should find alternatives, as both are being removed on September 28. Yahoo has been making considerable efforts to consolidate its group of products, and make them more hippy. But instead, it seems to be trashing existing products instead of infusing a fresh life in some of the more popular ones. It bought Tumblr in one of the most high-profile Silicon Valley deals in the recent months. Yahoo also closed down Classic Mail earlier this month. Yahoo’s moves don’t comes as surprising at all to me, but what has hit me more hard is the nostalgia attached with these products, especially AltaVista. This reminds me of the GeoCities days. In fact, I’m sure most didn’t know AltaVista was still around. I never really understood why companies did not try to sell or give away those services instead of just shutting them down. While it won’t work for APIs, it could work very well for third party services such as Citizen Sports or FoxyTunes. While Yahoo! won’t make big bucks from that, it would not appear to users of those services as an evil company that is shutting down their beloved services for no good reason. What is your opinion on the shutting down of these services? Looking For A Social Media Agency?? – Contact WATConsult – India’s Leading Social Media Agency

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