SaaS Tool Zalp Boosts Employee Referrals By Levaraging Social Media

by Paul Joseph on July 3, 2013 · 0 comments

Recruitment process has gone a sea change with advent of social media and professional networks. Employee reference is one the most effective and reliable solution to get new people on board. Indian organizations are gradually waking up to the importance of employee referrals and the reach of social recruiting . Aatish Dedhia, founder of Pebstone and CEO of Zycus says, “Despite the growing popularity of social media in recruitment, most recruiters are still not able to use it effectively to their advantage. This is because most social recruiting solutions don’t have a single point focus like Zalp. We understand the importance of employee referrals and thus have built Zalp with a single minded focus of being an Employee Referral Booster “. Zalp is a cloud (SaaS) based recruitment solution which helps companies source candidates through employee referrals along with social media integration and analytic features. A product from Mumbai startup Pebstone, Zalp works on an yearly subscription model. Organizations will have to subscribe to Zalp in order to use it. Once an organization subscribes to Zalp, login credentials are generated for all the employees of that organization. It is a one click process and doesn’t require any individual sign up by employees. Employees can also link their LinkedIn and Facebook profiles to the system. An employee can refer a particular job for a friend by using the connections available on their LinkedIn and Facebook profile. A notification is sent out to the recruiter as well as the referred candidate who can choose to apply for the job or ignore it. If the candidate applies for the job, the candidate’s application is sent to the recruiter who can then take action on the application based on his candidature. ‘’ ZALP does not aim to compete with other social recruiting tools or applicant tracking systems and increasing the employee referral output of an organization is our only aim ,’’ adds Dedhia. The pricing of Zalp depends on various parameters such as the number of employees in the organization and the number of recruiters. Employees can also choose to share the job on their social media profiles. If someone applies through a job posting shared by an employee on their social media profile, the employee is paid the referral money. Zalp was launched in the US market in Feb 2013, and is now ready to hit the markets in India, UK and the Middle East. Today there are a good number of social recruiting networks like HireRabbit , HT Media’s Shine , WhistleTalk,   WiseStep  among others. With more and more people going social, such networks and tool will gain even more importance. Looking For A Social Media Agency?? – Contact WATConsult – India’s Leading Social Media Agency

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