Samsung Smartphone Web Surfers Now Greater Than Apple

by Paul Joseph on July 12, 2013 · 0 comments

Worldwide, people now use Samsung’s smartphones more often than Apple’s to surf the Web, according to a study released by StatCounter. The web monitoring service tracked mobile device accessing its websites and for the first time in June Samsung actually beat Apple in being the most used mobile device brand for surfing the web. The difference between Samsung and Apple is minimal, but it’s there. Samsung accounted for 25.5% of all page views, while Apple grabbed a 25.1% share. Nokia remained third with 22%. StatsCounter also released specific data for India, which is not suprising considering the amount of smartphone users here, and also the growing list of smartphone brands venturing out in this market. In India , Nokia leads the way with 47.63 percent of the surveyed users connecting to the Internet through its devices. Samsung is in second place with 27.5 percent of the share. Interestingly, in third position is “Unknown”, which probably includes all the nondescript brands that sell in the open market. In fourth place is Micromax with 3.84 percent share. The tail is made up of companies like Apple, HTC, BlackBerry, LG and Sony. Regarding the actual browsers used on mobile devices, StatCounter gave first place to the unbranded Android browser at 29.1 percent of usage worldwide. Second place went to Apple’s Safari at 25.0 percent. Chrome for mobile devices, available only on devices running Android 4.0 or later, is growing and has reached 3.2 percent, StatCounter said. The thing I’m wondering about regarding this analysis is that it doesn’t include iPads as part of Apple products brigade. Also, the position’s not too bad for Nokia in mobile web browsing terms. This might as well be another reason of the existing dozens of reasons for Apple to worry about. Source |   gs.statcounter Looking For A Social Media Agency?? – Contact WATConsult – India’s Leading Social Media Agency

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