Nirvana Tunes Aims To Be The Platform Through Which Indian Musicians Can Earn Revenue And Get Noticed

by Paul Joseph on July 19, 2013 · 0 comments

Nirvana Digital has launched a Youtube platform called Nirvana Tunes, which offers Indian independent artists to use this platform to reach a bigger audience. The company says that it is the first of its kind platform for musicians in the country. With over 117 different channels, the Nirvana Digital Youtube Network says that it has 44,196 channels in its network and the platform has served around 1 billion minutes since Jan 2013. That amounts to a lot of views. Some of the Youtube channels in their network are Bollywood Nirvana, Kid Rhymes, Indian TV Show, Eagle Films etc. The newest one in the lot is NirvanaTunes, which wants independent artists to monetize their content  by posting their videos on the network. You will have to sign up with Nirvana Digital Youtube Network to do that. Signing up with Nirvana Tunes can get independent artists premium Youtube channel privileges. Artists and musicians can take advantage of the Content ID feature of Youtube to identify fan uploaded content belonging to the artists and get revenue out of it. Nirvana is also going all out by taking this offline i.e providing artists with professional live-studio setting to record their music and thus upload it to Youtube. Since Nirvana has many channels, the network also redirects users to various channels by way of annotations and ads, something like Vevo. Artists will also have the ability to publish their music on iTunes. Pinakin Thakkar, Director, Nirvana Digital says, “Our YouTube network is one of the strongest in India, we serve over 200 million minutes of video in a month. The NirvanaTunes platform will help music content owners benefit from this huge network of views by helping them reach a ready audience. By offering this platform, we hope to jumpstart the creative process in many musicians and will be offering cash bonuses in addition to the revenue share to the ones who reach the top of our music charts. We have made it easy for content owners to utilize this platform, all they need to do is go to and sign up to get the process started.” I checked out the channel, I could see 6 month old videos on the channel with very little views. They could either be old videos coupled with the fact that not many might have signed up to be featured on the channel yet. Other channels which Nirvana Digital operates like BilzMusic, Bohemia, Ek tera pyar and Devika  have 18 million, 16 million , 4 million and 1 million views respectively.  While we are not sure of the kind of confirmed reach that Nirvana Digital will give artists, we can laud the attempt in trying to change an outdated Indian music business model. Music publishers and artists need to understand these new digital mediums and create the right financial and distribution models to sustain revenues and creativity. Link | Nirvana Tunes on Youtube Website | Nirvana Digital Looking For A Social Media Agency?? – Contact WATConsult – India’s Leading Social Media Agency

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